Cold Steel San Mai Tanto handle ideas?

Dec 8, 2004
I just got a cold steel magnum Tanto and so far so good except... The handle is a bit small (narrow) for my big ole meat grabbers. I feel that if it were just a tad bigger it would allow for a better grip. I am wondering if anyone has ideas about how to imporve this. My thought right now is wrapping it up once with a nice road bicycle grip tape. However, this seems kind of cheesy.

Is it possible to remove that small grip and have a larger grip put on with dramatically changing the knife? For example having to drill pin holes etc. I just need it marginally wider nothing massive. any other suggestions or thinking out of the box is also appreciated.

thanks in advance
Why not do a japanese wrap with paracord a la Strider? Seems fitting for a tanto...

If you found the cord too thick your could remove the inner strands and use the cord sheath only.

The only issues would be how to finish the knots at the end of the habdle - I'm sure there is a method but I just don't know it!!
You could keep with the theme and do a wrap like a sword in the Japanese twisted pattern. You could use black or green paracord and pull out the inner strands to make the paracord flat. Then coat the whole handle with epoxy. Very grippy and durable. Jason.
Excellent suggestions. I think I know a way to tie it off that will look cool and be functional. Sometimes help from smarter people is a good thing. Thanks again
Send it to OUPA Dirk he'll make it all better.