Cold Steel, Spec Plus, or Kabar?

How's the durability of the Kraton on the SRK and the new Ka-Bars? How to they hold up against DEET?
I really like the look and feel of the next generation KA-BAR's, but for about $20 discounted price, you can have your pick of the Spec Plus line.

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FOUR SRK's Samurai? Wow, I'm still trying to get just one, mine "dissapeared" ( stolen is more like it). Wow, that's a lot of SRK's

As far as what knife, yes the SRK is a great knife JMB, loved it. I have a Ka-Bar Next generation, and it is currently my favorite knife I own. Bush Ranger is another good knife from what I have heard, but haven't had the privilage of trying one out yet, thou I will someday. I'd choose the Ka-bar next gen out of those 3 you mentioned.
I recommend a Fallkniven. Either the A1 or the F1. It is a very stout knife with an extremely good feel to it. It has a full tang and just feels solid. I ordered an A1 after seeing the ads in the knife mags and checking out their web site at I have not been disappointed.

Have fun with your choice.

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All of the blades mentioned will do the job, pick the one that you think will make you happy. Of course, that's how most of us at Bladeforums buy our knives, and go out and buy something else the following month, when the new releases arrive! -Brian
Cold steel my choice of the ones you named for sure.
Have fun.