Cold Steel SRK flat ground?

Daniel L

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Nov 2, 1998
I was looking at the Dec 98 issue of Soldier of Fortune (ok, who else admits to reading it?) where there was a full page color ad for Cold Steel Carbon V knives.

The SRK was there but appears to be flat ground, rather than the usual saber grind - can anyone confirm or deny this?


I don't know about a flat ground SRK, but I sure like the idea.

I have one of the earlier versions of the SRK and have noticed that on later models it appears that the sabre bevel is much higher making the cutting edge thinner.

On my SRK, I have really never cared much for the knife as the cutting edge is simply too thick.

Much prefer the Recon Scout w/ a thicker but full flat grind so it cuts a lot better.
Daniel, it is flat ground in the true sense of the word, but it does not start at the spine of the blade like the recon scout. It is an excellent knife that can double as a prybar.
Although I never was and no longer am too big a fan of CS knives, I' ll have to say that their flat ground Bush Ranger C5 is light, fast, and quite sharp! Maybe this was the imposter sighted on the SOF ads.


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If there is such a thing as a flat ground CarbonV blade, 3/16 thick, in SRK size, I want it.
Could this be the same one that Longbow refers to in his topic, "question on CS fixed blade"?

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Thinner and a bit smaller, the Cold Steel Master Hunter is a excellent cutter. It has a flat ground blade. Comes in CarbonV or
stainless steel.
There's been persistent rumors about a CS flat-ground something-or-other floating around. Someone else described a Recon Scout in 3/16", you described a flat-ground SRK, in either case it's a very welcome addition to CS's lineup.

I have a regular (sabre ground) SRK. I outlined what it took to make this thing actually cut well in my old article How to Make the SRK Perform. The answer was, even my coarsest diamond hone wouldn't remove metal fast enough from the impossibly-thick edge, I had to stick the thing in a vice and use a file and lots of elbow grease. It's a wonderful knife, and when the edge is performing it's an outstanding knife.

Either of the two configurations mentioned -- 3/16" recon scout or full-flat-grind SRK -- would be something to get excited about! I'm hoping it's the 3/16" recon scout, to be honest.

I second that Joe!

If it's a 3/16" Recon Scout (7.5" blade) with the same clip point, or even a drop point, and a kydex sheath, consider it sold!

Apparently the ad also appears in the March 99 issue of SOF.

I have the current Recon Scout in 5/16" inch thickness blade - even after reprofiling the thick edge, it really isn't the "cutter" I'd wished for. But if a 3/16 Recon Scout or flat ground SRK - both with kydex/concealex sheaths - that would be the ticket!