Cold Steel Ti-Lite w/ Titanium Handles!!!!!!(Another price DROP!!!)

Jun 4, 2008
PRICE DROP!!!Hey guys. I have one Cold Steel Ti Lite with the Titanium handles. Brand New, Never Used/Sharpened or cut anything!!!! Made in Japan, not China. This is not one of the old ones, this is brand new, and i bought it maybe 2 years ago. Aus 8 steel.......$100>$95>...$90!!! Brand New!!!!!!!Priced to move! This is BRAND NEW!!!! Look on other sites....this knife is still going for at least $160 bucks! Come and get it!!!
There are two versions of this knife made. There is the titanium handled one, and then there is a plastic handled one for cheaper. The plastic(zytel i think) one comes in this size, and a bigger size, i think with a 6" blade instead of the 4" blade. This one again, is the titanium one, and it has a 4" blade i believe.
Email me at or PM me.
1st "I'll Take It!" gets it! Add 10 bucks for shipping. Paypal preferred, but will take MO. Thanks for looking.
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Is it still here??? If so, I'll take it for $90+$10=$100 shipped. E-mail is on the way.
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