Cold Steel traditional pocket-knives

Jul 29, 2000
I got the Special Projects catalogue the other day, and noticed that Cold Steel now produces traditional stockmans and trappers. They say that the handle is made of "faux jigged bone".
To me it sounds like plastic given the look of real bone.
Is this correct?
Looks and feels like delrin, which is what so many other production knife manufacturers have used for decades. Durable, but lacks soul.
I too was intrigued by the Cold Steel pocketknives..... until I saw that they use plastic handles. Pocketknives scream for wood and bone. This is also the reason why I don't own many Camillus pocketknives.
Offering traditional patterns >> Good Idea

Execution of Good Idea >> Fit with "Faux Bone"??:confused:

No thank you!!! I'll pass!!!

--The Raptor--
The Cold Steel pocketknives are true to tradition, with a Carbon V blade. The handle material is jigged plastic and while a durable handle material, does lack SOUL. These puppies have sat on our shelves for a while now with little movement...just won't quite stack up to a Case or Hen & Rooster. md
Guys, It isnt too hard to pop those suckers off and put soem new scales on them. I redid an old stockman from the 20 or 30's with red stabilized maple burl. Looks sweeet :)
I guess I'm the only one, but I like Delrin scales on a pocket-knife.
I also like wood but I don't care for bone at all.
Yes. You are the only one who prefers delrin over bone. We will pray for you. ;)
I used to like case, but have found that these days the steel sucks.

Which pisses me off, cuase it used to be the best damned pocket knife you can buy.

Anyway, I use one of the cold steel stockmans alot. It may not have great handles, but it's a damn good blade, which is what I care about in a working knife.
I've never owned anything made by Cold Steel, but if they make a good cutter and I was short on cash - I'd try one. Give me a Schatt & Morgan in bone or stag.
Originally posted by allenC
Thanks Buzz, I feel better already.

Sorry. I couldn't help myself. My New York sense of humor suddenly immerged.

My mind is like a slipjoint. I have this sheepsfoot side of my mind that’s normally used for posting. It has a nice rounded end that never points or stabs. Every once in a while the clip blade side of my mind posts a reply. It has that sharp cutting humor with lots of beer belly. And as usual, it closed on my finger.

Okay. I seriously understand the values of delrin. I have no issues with the functional aspects of my delrin handled Buck Cadet. It’s rock solid. It’s just the “look and feel” that leaves me a little cold. I guess I want it all.
Cold Steel's Traditional Folders are featured in the Nov. 2001 Tactical Knives that will be hitting the stands in a couple of weeks. I liked them.
Why can't somebody make a traditional pocketknife with a decent carbon steel blade and a wood or bone handle? Old Timers have decent steel but Delrin handles...Case makes pretty knives with classy handle materials, but the steel leaves a lot to be desired. If only some company would do both.
I agree, Coonskinner. It seems that production companies have lost touch with the more traditional end of the knife market. I'd shell out some dollars for a Shrade or Camillus carbon slipjoint done in bone.
Hey guys, try Kissing Crane, made by Robert Klass in Solingen, Germany. I've got a trapper and a congress in nice, heavy European stag, and a trapper in black bone: all with carbon steel. Each was dull OOTB, but were easily sharpened on my bench stones. Great knives if you like that carbon steel patina (ie, RUST). I prefer a quality stainless.
I'll second the vote for Kissing Crane - good carbon steel, available in natural handles (but I think all of their stilletos are stainless). I have some in horn, you can also get them in bone or stag. Also look at Eye Brand. And Case does make a good traditional knife with good carbon steel blades. I have had good results with their chrome-vanadium.
Living in the midwest, like shivey, I know my pockets become way too corrosive in the summertime for the carbon steel that I always used to prefer. These days, I think I'd rather have blades of ATS-34 or 154CM. I'd still like to have natural handle materials, though. I'd go for smooth, natural bone scales on a peanut or medium stockman with 154CM blades.:) That would definitely appeal to me. Stag would be OK too.:D Or sheep or cow horn.:cool:

I've got a couple of Bulldog carbon steel, stag handled slipjoints on the way. I've seen pics of both sides of the actual knives, and the stag looks very nice. Hopefully, the rest of the components will be as good.

I would prefer to buy American if somebody was to make bone or stag handled slipjoints though. Come on Cold Steel!!!!
Buzz, don't sweat it.
While I DO like delrin, my response to you was not serious (just red neck humor I guess).
That's why I don't care for Case very much.