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Cold Steel Warlord

Aug 6, 1999
Can anyone help me find a Cold Steel Warlord. They are apparently out of production and it looks like I waited a bit too long. Dagnabbit!
I have been searching for one of these, also, with no luck. If you find a source that has a few remaining in stock please keep me informed.

Go to

The CS Warlord is very similar to the dadao on the right. It has the same wooden handle as their Special Forces Shovel and the Badaxe but the blade is very similar to the dadao on this page except it is Carbon V. If you know where one might be located, please let us know.

Technicaly speaking, the CS Warlord is actually more akin to a miniature version of whats known as a Pu Dao rather than a modified version of the generic da dao.
I had a couple of the warlords lying around awhile back but unfortunately no longer.
Hello all,
I have this silly problem, whenever someone is trying to find something I take it upon myself to help them find it. I have been searching for 2 days for a site that sells this DARN!! Warlord..... I found one. http://www.milarm.com
I just emailed them to see if they have any in stock, and am waiting for a reply, I'll let you know if they get back to me. Good luck to all.


Louis Buccellato http://www.themartialway.com

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Got one ... keeping it ... ya can't have it ... but I'll let you look at it if you stop by sometime.

It's a fun, neat and mostly useless piece of cutlery, a great addition to my frustration workout (go out and chop on this and that to relieve stress).

It's nothing more than advertised: the blade can't be Carbon V ... I think it's the same steel as CS's shovel/spear/Bushman. Great for clearing brush (or a room!) or just playing with. The way the handle is formed, if you can swing a baseball bat, you can swing this thing ....

Milarm just contacted me today, They are out of stock :-( They said they are not reordering until september, but when they do they will supply me with them. I guess it's now just a matter of time. If all goes well I will post when milarm gets more. Take care.


Louis Buccellato

Where would they be re-ordering stock from? Is there a distributor that still has some in stock? Is Cold Steel still shipping them? If they are, are they shipping only to dealers or are they also selling to the general public? The Warlord is no longer offered on their website.....

Cold Steel has a number... I need to order some kydex sheaths for some Cold Steel knives that I have.... I'll ask about the warlord when I call.
I wonder if Turber might have a few lying around the W.O.W. warehouse.....hhhmmmmmmmmmm??????
Is he back in town yet?

I have contacted Cold Steel already, and they say they have none. Claim none in warehouse or anything, which seems odd. I can't believe they sold every last one...SOMEONE must have one out there!