Cold Steel's awsome fighter

Jun 24, 1999
Although I, like many people, have become irritated by Cold Steel's big mouth and occaisonal poorly designed knives, they do outdo themselves on some pieces. The Black Bear Classic is a production copy of a very famous and rather old design. The knife is 13in. overall with a double ground blade and a micarta handle. I know that there are customs out there that are much more expensive I have held many of them and found that most of these customs seem no better quality. Before all you Bagwell fans out there respond with angry post my opinion is based on the fact that I 've never gotten to see or hold one of his bowies. But my point is that the Black Bear Classic is by far the best fighting knife at most any price.
Check it out!
I bought a Tanto when they first came out for my dad to display. A gun magazine reviewed the knife and showed how pull down the rubber handle (point in wooden block aimed to slip AWAY from you) to look at the tang. Even though the magazine prepared us for a small tang we were still suprised at how small it was. Haven't bought a CS since.
The Black Bear is a gorgeous piece, and a serious one. I appreciate their crediting the Loveless design and hope he receives some royalty on it. These knives were made for CS by factories in Taiwan but quality was found to be unacceptable, so the production was moved to a factory in Japan. Be sure that you get one of the latter type.

My only gripe with this knife is that for the price you could have a less-known custom maker produce a similar knife to your own specs. That's for the buyer to decide.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)