Cold Steel's "Gurkha Kukri" New Handle

Aug 1, 1999
Hello Fellow Members,
As promised the photo and text of the work I did rebuilding a CS Kukri, are now posted on my Web-site. Just below the CS Trailmaster conversion, that we discussed earlier in the forms. See them both at,
I know a lot of members are owners of Cold Steel products, and have posted remarks in BF that they are not happy with the handle material offered by CS. Here is your opportunity to keep your favorite Cold Steel knife, and have it stand out from the rest.
Jay Maines
Sunrise River Custom Knives

I've been saying for some time now that CS should open a custom shop that could offer the customer several handle/sheath combos as well as accommodating(sp?) special orders.

It looks like you beat them to the punch.

These knives look great!!!!

Have you comsidered reworking the handles of some of the other CS products?

Keep posting & keep us updated.

--The Raptor--
Thanks Jim and Raptor for the kind words about my work. Yes, I do all types of work on fixed blades, but have not expanded into the folder market yet. Just got an E-mail from "Orion" here at the BF, asking about reworking his Cold Steel ATC. It should be another interesting project, for us both.
Jay Maines
Sunrise River Custom Knives