Cold Steel's: The Warriors Edge Video, any reveiws of it yet?

Sep 23, 1999
I was checking out the Cold Steel site today, looking for what new tools of mayem Lynn Thompson had thought up now. When I saw an ad for their new 6 set video series the Warriors Edge. From the description it looks likes the tape is for people who cannot attend their seminars
(or afford them:eek: ). Looking at the small pic's on the site, Lynn is using 5inch or bigger knives.

Anyway if anyone has these video's or will be getting them I would be interested in seeing a overall review of them. I would also like to see a comparsion of Cold Steel's use of a knife vs say Spyderco, James Keating, Madog Knives, and Burton Richardson's JKDU.

Lastly, I have always liked Lynn Thomson for bringing unique products to market (they have a battle mace now) and his intrest in the Martial Arts.

Apr 6, 2001
if the video's are as B.S. as his marketing techniques, I'm not interested. :rolleyes: :yawn: :grumpy:
Jul 4, 2002
I'm also very interested in hearing about these. In the text of the web site "he" talks about knife fighting at a distance as a way to preclude getting cut yourself. Contradicting the old axiom "Expect to get cut".
Seems to me, if your close enough to cut, your close enough to get cut, I'd like to see how he thinks he can get around that.
Sep 23, 1999
If I understand his previous articles, to "cut and not get cut" you need a bigger a blade than your opponet. These would be represented by his companies 5 and 6 inch folders, big bowies, tanto's and Kukri's. I think one of tapes tells how to conceal these monsters.

I used to have the 6 inch Vaqueros Grande, concealment was not bad but I found deployment was slowww. I also did not care for the handle either with so much handle protruding past my hand it felt very akward, plus the shape of the grip could have been more secure and a better material than Zytel could have been used too.

Personaly I like to carry one of the following: Spyderco's Military, Massad Ayoob, Harpy, Matriarch, and Camilus Claw. For fixed blade carry I have the small and medium sized Cold Steel push daggers, to choose from.

In closing it looks like Cold Steel is changing their serration's back to a Spyderco type pattern Guess they finally figured out that people might like serration's they can sharpen and do not break off too easily. I even saw a modified Spyderco hole, on one folder, I thought Lynn said those were ugly like bead blasted blades, guess he changed his mind.
Oct 7, 1998
If it can offer something useful I'd like to see a few of the tapes. I just dislike it when a guru says "do X and you will always win."

Sometimes you can not dictate the distance you fight in.

we had the whole saber v reverse grip conflict before and we will have it again.

saber is great, for open ground facing your opponent with the 2 of u with weapons in hand.

in a crowded appartnment(mine) or a stairwell, or in the space between parked cars you don't have much room to manuver and you may need to rely on hooking techniques to capture and trap an opponents blade and to destroy their arms with cuts, all of which come easily in reverse grip.

I'm not going to get into situations right now, its a waste here in a review thread.

I think knoledge is valuable, whereever it comes from. Learn it, evaluate it and decide for yourself. Just remember, that which you disguard as useless and a fraud and not worthy to learn may just be what the other shmuck knows and is going to use on you.

I have seen it a lot talking to people in martial arts. "eeewwww TKD sucks, I take X-ryu!!! you cant do that TKD crap to me...My style, we dont spar, its toooooo Deadly for THAT!"
Then proceed to coax them into a sparring match and slam your foot upside their head.
Yeah, It may have been icky TKD, but its something they never learned, considered unworthy to look at and were therefore surprised by the Ole-boot-to-the-head.

It does not take a master to kill you. It just takes a fatal surprise to put you in a coffin. If you don't have broad experience, you just have more to surprise you when the time comes.
May 16, 2002
Yeah, a buncha knife fighty types always say the 'icepick' referse grip is useleess (because of the range issues, or who knows what?).

I disagree.
In my Aikibudo/Kobudo training as well as Goshin Jutsu, there were many reasons for reverse grip, and all were devastatingly effective, and most were close infighting type moves. no slashing, just snares, pommel punches, stabs to temple, neck/shoulder, etc. Good stuff, if you know when to use and what its for, its limitations, strenghts..

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