Coleman machetes suck bad!

Apr 7, 1999
Have you been to K-mart recently? Well they usually have almost a whole isle devoted to coleman camping products. The few coleman products I have handled have all broken: one of those multi-tools, a metal match case and a machete. The saddest case would have to be that of the machete. Today I took it home and swung it at some twigs. Unfortunatly I missed which is a sad statment about my knife handling abilities. On the second try I nicked some leaves. I examined the blade, and to my horror I discovered that the edge was bent where it was strait moments before! I only cut some leaves and a twig 3/4cm wide! Next I took the blade to a tree stump and simulated the careless "hack the blade into the wood at the end of a hard cutting job so that it stands on its own" motion. The edge reversed like a freaking pancake! I will clarify: the edge bent completely backwards in a U shape and created a taco in the portion of the blade which struck the stump. It was a huge taco too! I could have filled it with beef, cheese, chile and beans since 2cm of the edge flexed completely backwards. The only happiness this knife brought me came after I flexed the blade with my bare hands turning it into a V. Man I felt strong after doing that. Then I remembered the edge flexed the same after meeting with some leaves and a twig, and I felt crapy again. I just want to warn everyone that coleman can't make machetes or any knives in general. Don't waste your five bucks. They also make a crappy metal match case that will act like a cookie cutter on your hands if you arn't careful.
So, their match case cuts better than their machete? That's good to know in case I'm camping and can't figure out which Coleman product to use. 'Course, with "Chainsaw Al" in and outta there, worker morale must be even more beat up than your machete.

Just my $0.02


Several months ago (and every day thereafter
someone asked how we became involved with knife collecting?

My answer: I purchased a couple POS machetes, and returned from a camping trip determined to find a worthy knife. That was more than twenty years (200 knives) ago... and the coleman machetes you described were no doubt manufactured by the same plant.

Upside: these machetes are clear proof that all knives are not created equal.
I have only 2 machetes, both bought back in the 1970s at a surplus store for 5 bucks each. One has a black blade and only says Made in Japan on it...the other one was made in Equador.

Well, the one from Japan has proved to be a pretty excellent working tool that I still use today. It sharpens up easily enough with a file and displays good toughness, and in fact I removed an entire row of jade plant and bushes from the yard, even hitting rocks on accident, and the blade only had small minor dings on the edge easily sharpened away.

I sure am glad I didn't get a Coleman machete.
If you want a really good machete cheap, I suggest finding where your local surplus store is. I have a 27" 1940-ish Seymour, made in Brasil. Mine was given to me by my Grandfather, and it was issued to him in the Korean War. The blade is incredibly strong, and holds an edge like nobody;s buisness. It will cut through a 2x4 on the long side in about 5 whacks.