Colorful Merlins or Harpies?

May 5, 2000
Has there ever been a run of blue/orange/whatever hawkbill Spydies? They're great knives, but they do raise eyebrows. I've found that non-black handles help in that regard.
Hi, Shmackey.

I just bought a 2nd G-10 harpy, and I was thinking of having it customized by Frank Recupero- some kind of filework, and perhaps blue/black g-10, or maybe white or maroon/black micarta, or...

I dig my regular g-10 one, but it really does a job on my pants pockets. For getting dressed up, I have a SS harpy that I satined the handles on [320 grit sandpaper]. It looks real nice, and helps to hide fingerprints.

Perchance a PINK Merlin?! :eek: :D

I think a Orange handled Merlin with a blunted Hawksbilled blade would be great.
I would also like to see some other colors blue,green etc. in the line up.
Sal, I was wondering the same thing. A hawkbill is already no good for penetration, and blunting the tip would take away its main purpose. I'd like to see some colors just for the sake of colors.

By the way, I just got a blue Delica. I love that blue. Whatever FRN (or, for that matter, G10) knives you make in this color, I'm buying them.
I can understand how a blunted merlin would be great with rescue purposes and most cutting purposes, however I gotta disagree with the piercing qualites of the point. It's key if you're using it for self defence. Also it is useful when slicing open insulation of wires, and other fine work. Also with the merlin/harpy being a fairly small blade, the curve blade + the tip (with your thumb on top) the tip can punch holes into tough materials, real easily.
I should've been more clear; I was trying to avoid the S word. Hawkbills are no good for stabbing. Much like the (orange) Rescue.
Sure! An orange or red handled Merlin would be cool for rescue purposes.
I saw posts on the Emerson forum regarding the blunted SARK, and how some of their customers were sending them out to have points ground onto them...then they started offering them as a variant with pointy-tip.
More (or bigger) hawkbills = good
Blunted hawkbills = bad
A blunted hawkbill is a silly idea. Half of the usefullness of a hawkbill it that pointy point that's so good for tip work.
A blunted tip would be ideal for Rescue work. I already own a Rescue which I think is great But a Hawksbill blade does a much better job of getting under clothing,seatbelts etc. IMHO
I think a slightly larger Hawksbill could compete with the P-Sark !