Cols Steel factory 2nds?

Mar 5, 2000
Cold Steel makes a fine product, and in the latest Special Projects catolog they offered factory second blades at a greatly reduced price. They claim the blades are reduced for cosmetic reasons only. I purchased a Recon Tanto and a full sized Peace Keeper for 90 bucks, shipping included. Does anyone have opinions on these blades or on Cold Steels factory 2nds in general?
I've beat several 2nds. to death and have had no problems, other than a little rust on the blade edge of their Carbon V knives. Great knives for great prices. I rarely can tell the difference (other than the "2" on the pommel) between a regular and a 2nd. I currently own Recon Tanto and SRK 2nds. I've abused the SRK to no end, and it just screams for more!

"They sicken of the calm, who know the storm." or
Could someone please direct me to where I can find these seconds? Are they on the internet or on a catalog? Thanks
How could you beat $100.00 or so for a CS Recon Scout-one of their toughest pieces!

Seconds are only available to Special Projects Catalog holders i think...

I like to buy from CS direct, and their seconds make it so worth it. Good people, great products.
I've bought their seconds back when you could get a srk for $20.00.
now you can buy firsts through dicount dealers at the price thay sell seconds for or very close.
Some time ago I ordered an SRK 2nd. To tell you the truth I looked at for quite a while trying to figure why it was a 2nd. The coating on the blade has a realy slight smudge and that's it. If you are looking to save some money you can't go wrong.
Good info thanks, I've been looking to buy a 2nd for quite awhile and now I probalby will. It goes to show that not only the people who ask the question learn from the postings. Thanks