Colt CSAR tool

Apr 16, 1999
Last year I brought up a topic on the German paratrooper knife, and somebody showed me a picture of the one Colt has. Well I finally gotten it and here is a small review.

Closed Lenght 5 3/8"
Blade Lenght 3-5/16"
Blade Thickness 1/8"
Blade Material 420 Soligen Stainless
Awl Lenght 3-3/8"

Well I do like this knife even though it didn't come hair popping sharp out of the box and the edge was rather crudely ground. I was able to take it apart. There is a little front and back blade play but no side to side.

All in all it is a pretty cool knife to play with, but I don't know if I could carry it.

I picked one of the original Eickhorn rescue knives from Germany on BladeAuction, and was pretty impressed for a $40 knife. I keep mine in the glove box of my car, for emergency purposes. The tunsten striker point would be handy on a car with electric windows. It is also great for clipping wild-flowers on my way home from work to give to my wife. It is rather clunky and large, so would not be an ideal carry knife, but the cool factor of flicking it out is worth a few looks. I'm glad I got mine, and have found quite a few uses for it. That fold out "awl" or spike, makes a good ice pick too. If nothing else, get one for your car or truck. You never know when you may need it. A beautiful patch of wildflowers, a party needing some ice chips... whatever.

Daniel D.
I reground the edge to a razor sharpness using a fine sanding wheel on a dremel. It now cuts like it's supposed to.

The knife overall is clunky and bulky, and I'm surprised it's used by paratroopers considering the weight and lack of sharpness. However, I still like the piece and use it in my tool box. Damn thing cuts like a champ now that I've reprofiled the edge.

Just received my Recon Tanto (actually two), that's one serious knife. Picked em up for $62.00 a knife, damn good deal. Came from Knife Center. Cold Steel makes a kick ass blade. I still remain a Boker man though.

God Speed

S&W knives are junk.