Columbia River Kit Carson Design M16s .

Oct 7, 1998
Has anyone seen/held these?
They look sweet, especially for the money.
How thick are the liner locks?
There are pics at Knifecenter.

There is a review of sorts going on in the knife reviews forum if I remember correctly. Bottom, line - it is a great knife for the money. I think CRK&T has a winner on their hands that will make many people on a restriced budge happy.

Kit Carson is a close friend. I was going to get one of his custom M-16s for carry. Now I plan on getting the full range of CRKT knives to use. I have changed my order for a Custom M-16 to a fancy one of a kind instead of a std model. Now if he and I could only make up our minds as to how I want to change the custom.

All choices would be a good. Another knife maker saw one of the pre-production M-16s and thought it was custom. CRKT and thier manufacturer are doing a top shelf job.


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I was lucky to handle one at the Shot Show and agree with Sid whole heartedly. Best bang for the buck I have seen in a while as well as the the knives that Outdoor Edge is producing that were designed by Kit and Darrel. If I was looking for a knife in that price rage they would get strong consideration. Check them out when you get a chance.