combat basics vs.Busse combat

Apr 30, 1999
hello again . What is the difference between the new combat basics BM and the originalBM I am especially curious about modified infi like if it holds an edge as long please any information about the differences would help greately.
The Modified INFI has less cobalt than the orignal INFI. Other than the handles they are basically the same.
there isn't much difference in performance from what i have read...if you go with the basic you are getting a steal. I hear the handle is more comfy than the normal bm.
CAn't wait till i get mine....:0)
I saw a direct comparison of the two steels, modified infi and standard infi, and it seems that the edge holding ability of modified is slightly less than that of the standard.

That, and the handle material seem to be the major differences. Blade design seems identical...until the knives are released, and an objective comparison performed, we probably won't know for sure...


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i gotta the resiprene c handle more comfy or worse...i realize not many have handled them....i am going to handle mine alot when i get it
but would the kinda rubbery looking handle be better or not?