Coming Soon from Marbles (Pic)

Jun 28, 1999
Today I got lucky! I not only got to see one of the new models ... I carried it home. :D

I was fortunate enough to aquire one of the pre-production samples of the new Marbles Mini-Woodcraft ... in Genuine Stag!

As I understand it ... The Production Models will be in "Stag" Bone. Which is a genuine bone handle that has been finished to look like stag. I saw some pics of the Stag Bone, and they looked good.

So I was very pleased to be able to find one of the few made in Genuine Stag. It should be a nice addition to my collection.

What really sets the new Mini-Woodcraft apart, is the pinned slab handles. Much like the older Marbles Knives.

Here's a scan of the new Mini-Woodcraft along with one of Anthony Barnett's custom "Scratch Box" turkey calls and a ruler ... for size reference. If I did this right, the picture should show up as being close to actual size.


Here are the specs:
  • Blade Steel - 52100 Carbon Steel
  • Blade length - 3 7/8"
  • Overall length - 7 3/4"
  • Brass Fingerguard
  • Polished Aluminum Pommel
  • Handle - Pinned Stag :D with Brass and Fiber Spacers.
  • Sheath - Stitched Brown leather with "snap button" retainer

Looks like a great disign for those of us that still love traditional knives! I've always wanted a smaller version of the Woodcraft, and now Marbles has made my day! I'm looking forward to the production models as well.
Very nice knife & picture as well.:)

Marbles knives are soooo sweeeetttt!!!!!!! I just love 'em.

Unfortunately, I currently have not a one. But that is about to change, real soon.;)

--The Raptor--
How thick is the blade stock on the new mini-woodcraft? I like the style and shape of Marbles knives however, the early knives were of much thinner material, the new knives are almost 1/4" thick.

Thanks for the comments guys. The Mini-Woodcraft that I have measures 3/16" thick at the spine. It is very similar to the Fieldcraft in size, with just a slightly longer, and slightly wider blade.
I'm not sure what the production models will measure.

I did hear that the new model, full size Woodcraft (I believe they are calling it the "Vintage Woodcraft" ) will have a thinner blade than the Woodcraft98.
I know that this is a little off topic, but, I asked this question over at the "Marble's forum" and I didn't exactly get the answer that I was looking for.

Do you know of a source, whether it be a website, cataloque, or dealer that I can see exactly which sheath, that Marble's supplies, with any given knife?? Meaning if I'm to purchase say a 7" Trailmaker how can I see a picture of the sheath that comes with this knife? Or any other knife, for that matter?
I haven't ordered their cataloque because I thought that all the info I needed could be obtained online but maybe the cataloque is the answer to my problem?!?

My b-day is coming up soon & my wife is looking for gift suggestions and I don't want to order a Marble's knife without first seeing the sheath as some of them I don't care for. As I recall, some of their larger knives had slightly cheaper looking sheaths while the smaller knives came with really nice looking pouch sheaths.

Any input from anyone will be appreciated.

--The Raptor--

I've got some pics of the various Marbles sheaths. Send me an email address and I'll shoot them to ya.
Hi Mark,
"You've Got Mail".........again!!!:D

I wonder what happened last time as I clicked on your link. Hopefully this one goes through better.

--The Raptor--
Beauty! I love my Fieldcraft, which looks very similar. The substantial thickness of the blade and tang gives it a nice heft and confidence I could use it for serious heavy duty cutting. And that convex edge in 52100 just doesn't quit.