Nov 13, 1999
Could Emerson Commander be a good knife
for daily use ? Or just for hard use ?
I like its style but don't know whether it could be a utility knife or not.
Hello Agusto, we meet again
I've had my Commander for about a month and a half now, I'll give you my impressions:

It's a very mean knife, if you want to scare the willies out of someone when you open it (especially if you use the "wave") this is the knife for you. It is very well build, soild lock-up, and very comfortable to hold.
The V-grind sharpened only one side with a deadly recurve has some potential re-sharpening problems. However, Dexter Ewing informed me that a 204 Sharpmaker will sharpen a Commander with ease. He was right. You set the stones to 35 degreees, edges out, sharpen only the ground side and then lightly take the burr off the back side. Razor sharp all over again. Having said that, it holds an edge very well.

The deep belly and recurve means that it eats anything you put in front of it, it also means that the tip is a little too fat to slice easily (as opposed to say a clip-point). It's also a fairly big knife, you may not be able to carry it everyday, it'll depend on where you go and what you wear.

I carry mine alot, but I also carry more than one knife. If you asked me if it would be my everyday, no chance to change, had to do everything knife, in every circumstance, I would have to say no. That's not to say it's just a "hard use knife", it's just not an "everyday" city knife. Keep in mind, this is just my opinion

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Warning!....Be sure to check out a few first before you buy, I have one and am happy with it, but I did have to go thru 5-6 before I found a good one. The QC at Emerson is VERY inconsistent. The one that I deceided on was even missing the detent ball on the lock side, which was OK by me, It still has the one on the other side. One I looked at I couldnt hardly close it past the ball without it catching very badly. Another the clip screws came thru so far that they rubbed the blade. Yet two other's the liner went ALL the way to the far edge of the blade upon lock up. I hope this helps all who consider one in the future...It is a good knife, just very sad QC.

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I second that. See my post on the Emerson forum. I'm not full of sour grapes, but I could have had a Microtech MA SOCOM for what I have put into my Commander (price+return shipping for warranty work). The design is great, but the quality is spotty-even when you get one from the factory!!. A real shame.

I have several Emersons and NEVER had any problems with them! Solid lockup on all of them and a much higher level of fit and finish than a benchmade!

Excellent knives!

Markus Blattner