comments on camillus mini talon?

Dec 27, 1999
i have not gotten one of these yet, although imagine i will. any comments please from anyone who has handled/used one? e.g.,i am curious as to how it fits a larger hand, etc...


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It's small, but what the heck, it's a mini neck knife. I wear it around my neck when I salt water fish for the obvious characteristics of talonite. The sheath seems like it could be a little better for the suggested price.

I also have one of Rob's custom mini's in talonite which is a little bigger, nicer, and the sheath is great, but for the web price, I think the camillus is a good deal.

I have only worn my mini talon a few times but am very pleased with it. I have large hands, I wear 3X gloves, and have no problem with handle ergonomics when holding the knife. I find the overall size to be a good compromise for a neck knife. It is small enough to conceal well under street clothing, but has enough blade length to be useful for most tasks, such as cutting fruit, cutting a 'burger in half,opening and breaking down boxes,etc. In short, this knife is a real winner! I am going to try to fit a mini tec-lok to mine for belt carry as well.

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thanks for the input guys. this does help shed a little light on my query.