Comments on EK Line???


Take a look at this recent thread:

Your questions need a bit of clarification: Which Ek knifes? John Ek? Gary Ek? Ek Commando Knife Company? Blackjack Knives Ek models? And which models vis-a-vis grind lines: M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, etc.


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bald 1:
I took a flyer on ebay auction. The picture looked good. The description was "EK Combat"
I guess what I'm interested in is learning about EK knives. You've kinda laid out the course description with your questions.
Here is the ebay page. If you have time tp look maybe it will clear up some things.


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I have Ek Warrior original WWII design full length grind one side, half lenght on the other, I love it for its graet handling and its natural targeting. It was not designed for gentle use and therefore is quite uncomfortable when delicate use is attempted. Handle is curly maple on mine, blade steel? I bought it used from someone who carried it and other Eks on active patrol a while back, he liked it too, but he has eleven more. Maybe soon he will have ten...

The eBay listing you referred me to was a Blackjack Ek. Better still is an Ek Commando Knife Company blade from Richmond Va. True many of the Blackjack Ek's were made from Richmond blades they bought, but sometimes (fairly rare) the finish isn't as good (probably from the last days of Blackjack when things were falling apart).

The John (and Gary) Eks are a breed apart. Recently a double edged John Ek dagger sold for $400 on eBay.

The Warrior series Parker mentions is the utilitarian grade... he's right about the rough finish. The steel is also a step down being 440A vice the HCS1718 (aka 440C) used in the "main" line knives.

Hope this helps

Boy, I haven't heard anything about EK knives for years and didn't know about the different EK's.
I like some of the designs, especially the dagger types.
Anyone have a URL?

Looks like you missed the comments above.... Ek knives are no longer in production... therefore no manufacturer's URL exists.

I guess I sort of forgot to ad that I do not collect per se, I buy to use and play and train. My Ek is a BJ Ek that will not budge in hand (i have tried) and will penetrate 3/4 plywood with a bit of effort. Needs a sharpening but the design was for poking and doing extensive internal damage on the way in and out. Damage to a watermeon of course...utilitarian is the word I would use.

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Hey Jumbi,

Before you get all fired up about the BlackJack EK Daggers please note that they have some PRETTY thin tips. This may be a bit scary when you first see them, but aside from that the edges are about as sharp as you could ask for from a factory. This is all based upon analysis from my speciman. The spine thickness is about 5/32", blade length is 6.5", handle is just shy of 5 3/4" and the blade grind is a straight vee on both sides. VERY sharp! Also the blade profile is a bit wasp waisted like the Gerber daggers. Hope this helps!

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