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comments on microtech knives, anyone?

Apr 19, 1999
I consider myself a beginner in this field, so forgive my stupid questions. I was surfin' in the net one day and saw this beautiful knife, the MICROTECH VICTOR. It's a 'mamma-jamma' knive and i need to know more about it. Maybe a review about their past production like the "socom" will help me, so if anyone ever own one, please feel free to let me know about it's performance. And if anyone could give me some info. on 154 cm metal grade and the release date of the "victor" it would be a bonus! Thanks a lot.
I own two socoms.I always carry at least 2 knives and most of the time one of them is a socom.In my opinion Microtech makes excellent knives.
I have eight MTs so far, and just started doing the unthinkable, carrying my Nemesis! I recently got a second Nemi from the first run and decided to carry my sterile one. I don't use it for anything; it's just there as a last ditch back up. Hay it's my knife I may as well enjoy it!

"Every Dog Has His Day"

I have three Microtech's. In my opinion they are the best production folder made. The quality and craftsmanship are incredible. Every true knife afficienado should have a Microtech for his collection.
I think everyone will agree that Microtech's are THE best production folders money can buy. The only question is are you willing to pay the costs of admission. If so you cannot find a better factory made folder.

Also you would always be able to recoup a good piece of your investment if you ever decided to sell one. If you like the design and can afford it you cannot go wrong with a Microtech.

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