Comments on the Spyderco Snap-It and Remote Release?

Nov 12, 1998
I'm looking to buy a serrated blade to carry around with me.. I'm leaning toward the Cricket or Rescuer, but I'm curious about Spyderco's Snap-It and Remote Release.

Has anyone tried these? Are the .. clothing attachment mechanisms sturdy, easy to use, and most importantly, durable? I don't trust mechanisms with springs by my nature

Any opinions? I wanna hear some


=- Dan
Dan, I liked my Remote Release so much I bought a second one (something I almost never do with knives). The first is attached to my tackle box and has spent the last two years riding on my bass boat. Banging around while cruicing the lake and being towed, rain, water, fish slime, heavy use, etc. has cause no observable damage to the knife or the release mechanism. It is tough! It fastens very easily to the front belt loop of my pants while I am fishing and unclips easily when needed.

The second knife is hanging from the turn signal on my truck and is readily available when needed.
Just remembered, Ironstone has a sheepsfoot, serrated version of the remote release, you might want to consider. You can find them at:
I agree. Both are handy knives. The Remote Release really has a large substantial blade for it's size. I have used both hard, and they both stay clipped wherever you put them. Like TD, I also use both of them when I fish. So handy in that you can clip them anywhere, and they're ready to go when you need them.
I have the remote release, but not the snapit (yet). I like it a lot. Hope to get the snapit with the red handle soon. Try it, you'll like it.
Well, I'm almost decided.. and I think it's gonna be a Benchmade AFCK 812, with the black finish.

Aren't I boring?

=- Dan
I am putting the finishing touches on a re-evalutaion of the Remote Release and Snap-It, I am examining some of the innovative carry options.

Keep an eye out for it, it will probably be at the Reviews Forum here or possibly at the other Review Forum.

I am thinking of buying one of these for use as a sailing knife, particularly the sheepsfoot version from Ironstone. Can anyone suggest which would be the most suitable? I have a feeling that the release mechanism in the remote release may be more susceptible to corrosion when exposed to salt water than the snap clip. Any comments.

"No, the boat isn't finished yet but I believe it is important to be prepared well in advance

You could be right about the relative susceptibility to corrosion of the two knives.
But I think the advantages (ease of deployment and no loss of blade length) make the RR a superior boating knife. With minimal care, the RR will probably hold up fine.

Brian W E

The Snap-It's attachment device makes it more secure, but it's placement on the pivot end makes it a bit inconvenient. You have to open it specially and the hook gets in the way of cutting sometimes.

The Remote Release is a little less secure but very nice, I carry one left, the hook in the corner of the pocket, 24/7.

Sorry for all the extra content. Yes, I think the Remote Release would be far more susceptible to corrosion....

My suggestion... Buy them both.

Marion David Poff fka Eye

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Thanks for the replies guys.

David, I would buy them both but I am saving my money for the Spyderco Chinese folder

Brian, mate, the sheepsfoot blades on the <a href="">Ironstone</a> models both seem to be the same length, so that is not an issue.

Actually, I think the final choice will depend on where I am going to carry it since the atttachment systems are on opposite ends of the knife. The Remote Release would work well for a knife carried on a belt loop because the thumb can reach the release on the lower end easily. However if I clip it high on my buoyancy vest (as I probably will), the Snap-It, with the release and hole on the top, would seem to be quicker to deploy.

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