Comparative Pricing

Aug 18, 1999
Get a load of this!

Leatherman Wave:
One Stop Knife Shop $70.00
LL Bean Store $82.00
Chesapeake Knife & Tool Store $100.00

Small Sebenza:
One Stop Knife Shop $290.00
Chesapeake Knife & Tool Store $450.00

Go Figure!

So order away

Every knife from every major manufacturer. If you don't see it, don't worry we can get it.
Call 1-800-956-4652 to Order
Call 1-904-739-3438 for INFO
Sales at 1SKS help support this forum!
1SKS is a WOW company!
Yes, that makes sense to me. Please, everyone order these knives from someone Other than this 1SKS place.

They may have the cheapest prices, but that Must also mean that there is something wrong with them. Maybe they are stupid, or something like that. It was probably a completely innocent pricing error that they would rather not have too many people notice.

Please, Do Not take advantage of these poor, sorry, stupid, 1SKS guys. It just wouldn't be fair.

Paracelsus, battling against big budget advertising, and advising No One to take me seriously
Para, calm down. VG only gave me this 'learners permit' moderating codpiece, but I'll use it if I have to! Remember your training--use the force. This is a knife knut, capish, he doesn't get the flow of subtle sarcasm, the blush of understatement or the chill of plot irony.
What Para meant was, "Steel good, Hillary bad. Buy knives."
I swear, I'm getting the codpiece if you don't settle down...--OKG
I have always found the prices at 1SKS to as low as any, and the selection to be better than any other internet knife shop. I will continue to make all my purchases of non custom knives through them.