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Feb 17, 2001
Hello to all:
This is posted in another forum also.
I am looking to purchase one (just one, really) Khukuri. And after shopping and
reading, feel that the WWII model would be
the best choice. There seems to be three
good candidates;

GurkhaHouse WWII L:16.5 Rosewood WT:24oz $79
ColdSteel(fact.2nd)L:17 D:5/16 WT:22oz $170
Himalayan Imp. WWII L:16.5 WT:24oz $125

I would be very interested in the opinions
of the members of this forum as to which one to buy.Price is not THE decisive factor here.
Blade balance is highly valued though.
I've previously owned a ColdSteel ATC, years
ago when they first came out, before they
redesigned the blade. It was a good chopper.
This time looking for a slightly more combat
oriented flavour. Thanks.
Well, if you can only have one, I would go with the HI WW11. You don`t get the hatch marks anymore, but other than that, I think it the same. I have an old one. Russ got the last, as I recall.
The Cold Steel is what it is. I would not want to store one. They do make a good product at a good price. I just think that Lynn missed the essence of the kuk.
I haven`t handled Craig`s. It should be fine.
It doesn`t quite have the panache of a HI.
That I would guess.
OK, I'll be up front with you. I can't stick to those three choices :) I like the feel and looks of a WWII but I haven't gotten around to buying one yet. Too many other "special" things to buy. If you are wanting something not too big, not too heavy, and "alive" in the hand then you should be looking at a Yvsa Cherokee Special. It would make an outstanding combat weapon although I'm not much of a fan of such things. That's why God let John Browning be born. The YCS is beautiful the way it is right now and if money was unlimited at my house I would have one right now. Since I can't afford one of everything I'm waiting for the "plain" version which will hopefully have steel furniture and no inlays. Maybe a more utilitarian finish as well. Anyway here's a pic of the original. Notice the seriously utilitarian tools that come with it (Those tools better come with the plain version too!). The deep, deep fullers on the main blade make it make lighter and handier than you would expect. You have to handle one to really appreciate it.



EDIT: After I posted I really looked at that picture again. It really doesn't show the fullers well. The single most amazing part of the knife to me was the way the fullers "flow" down the blade. Starting at the point end, there are two deep fullers separated by a ridge. They flow along side by side with a real organic feel. Then, like two rivers, they flow together and become one fuller heading toward the handle. The picture just hints at the juncture point but really look at the middle of the blade and you should see it.

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Welcome to the Cantina, Bill. I'd like to offer a slight variation on your choices. Rather than the standard HI WWII that you are considering, I suggest you go with an 18" HI WWII. As my "toys" link shows, I have quite a few HI khukuris. While some are more purpose-built & it isn't easy picking a favorite from among so many great blades, I'd have to pick the 18" WWII if I could have only one.


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GurkhaHouse WWII
Have not used one. It is probably dimensionally similar to the H.I. WWII and should perform as well. Someone who owns one will have to comment on workmanship and materials.


I have this one. They must have gone up in price. Of the 3, best stabbing ability, marginally better cutting and slashing ability, most likely to get stuck in wood, difficult to maintain with a chakma (none provided), less blade thickness, not differentially hardened and the kraton handle does not seem as durable as the natural materials. The tip is thinner than I would like it.

Himalayan Imp. WWII L:16.5

I have this one and love it, mine came in at 20 oz. This would be my pick if I wanted a more weapons oriented khukuri. The main reason being it is lighter (faster) and easier to wield at close quarters. Its advantages are more durable wood handle, thicker blade, stronger tip, cuts about as well as the CS, easy to maintain with the chakma (comes with one), does not get stuck very often, fastest, differentially hardened (should have more lateral strength), and nicer looking sheath.

My pick would be an18" WWII at (24 oz. I do more chopping and almost no weapons work. So, I use the 18" WWII as it out performs the 16.5" WWII and CS by a considerable margin. It takes only 10 whacks to go through a 2x4, whereas the other takes 15-20 blows.

Interestingly, both H.I. khukuris fit into the CS sheath.


Let me start by saying that I don't own any of these particular models. I do have a GH BAS and a HI Gelbu Special, so my comments are based on experience with these two knives. I would take either the HI or GH models over the CS because I consider them to be better values and more durable knives. CS's choice of a rubber handle just doesn't seem right to me. Plus, should you have any questions or need to make use of the warranty on knives from these two manufacturers, they are FAR easier to cantact than CS. I've communicated with both Craig and Bill via e-mail and they're respective forums and both men do their best to get back to you ASAP. They are also a pleasure to do business with. I have never dealt with CS, mainly due to their lack of an e-mail address. I also missed their forum debut until after it had closed down.

And to my friend Bill Martino, I hope you're feeling better soon. I'm home sick from work right now myself, and it's sure no picnic! Get well soon.
Greetings, Bill.

I think Warrior is confusing the WWII with the 18th Century. Incidentally, the hatch marks are back on the 18th Century.

I concur with Brian, there is something about the 18" WWII that makes it THE one. 18" is the right length, and the weight is right.
Thanks to all for the time and consideration of your thoughts. This is exactly what I was hoping for. You've made me rethink my choices. The Yvsa Cherokee Spec. sure is something to behold. Definitely
battle ready too. But perhaps because of the
mostly utility work I'll be doing, I should
stay clear of it. To clarify my intent for
buying, I'm looking for that right tool that is also a maneuverable weapon, just in case
...firearms are not an option for me. Blade balance and a moderate carry-around wt. are certainly factors. Mr.Martino, if I was the represenative of a company with a fine product I would not hold back. Especially if I could speak from authority. Sir, I AM listening(bummer about the flu).One question please is the Ang Khola Chirwa style the only
full "tang" model? Ok, the choices seem to be
narrowed down to the following;
HI WWII 18"(maybe still a 16.5"?) or HI Ang Khola Chirwa style(whoa!!! where did that choice come from
Finally, It is a pleasure to be in your
cantina, the company is good!

Welcome Bill.

I hesitate to say much about the YCS since it is my creation that brought it about, but....

The whole rig together placed on my new scales is just shy of 3 Lbs.
The khukuri itself is 1 Lb 10 oz.
And please don't let its fancyness rule it out.
There is something intrinsic pleaseing about using a pretty tool for utility work.
I was going to wait for a plain steel mounted one to beat around, but since I don't usually really beat around my khukuri's or other tool's I decided to use it.
I'm very glad I did.
To me it cuts like a much heavier khukuri perhaps due to the blade shape or to its lightness which makes it very fast in the hand.

I will be very glad when some steel mounted YCS makes it into the field as then perhaps there will be some feedback from other users and their opinion's on the YCS.
I hope everyone is as pleased as I am with the work it can do and not just on its looks.
It could be the prettiest khukuri rig ever, but if it doesn't work it is useless.
And that's why the H.I.Kothimoda is also made the way it is.
Bura told Uncle Bill that someday someone might need to use the Kothimoda and if they did it needed to be the best Kothimoda ever.
And Uncle Bill had to agree.
I'm glad he did!!
I want one, one of these days and after testing it I am sure that it won't ever be used.

After all I will be using my pretty YCS and her tool's.



Indin word for lousy hunter.
If you are doing an extremly important calculation, noticed you have made an error and need to fix it before continuing. Use the CS handle can be used as an eraser.

Bill's been trying to call me and I have only one line until I get DSL up and running (if ever!). I think he's almost made up his mind.

I really can't make comparisons. All I own are HI, villagers and a couple of antiques.

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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Welcome Bill!
I'm sure you get this alot, but are you the guy from Titanic and all the other movies?! Good luck on your Khuk hunt and enjoy the forum!

Chris B.
OMG, its 'Chet' from Weird Science! Welcome!

Seriously? Eschew the CS. They have a lot of huff and puff...they make decent stuff but not good enough to elevate themseelves above the BS level of their brochures.

Plus, you have a chance to buy something with some *soul* here.


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Again THANK-YOU to everyone for your views!
They all caused me to think and rethink. Placed an order with Bill Martino today. Can't wait till it arrives. Probably post my
reaction when it does (if thats ok?).
Spent some time browsing some of the other
forums available here too. Excellent variety.

...Actually, my favorite movies of those that
I've made are "Near Dark" and "Aliens". And
if you nice folks believe that, then please
contact me. I've got some collectable, top quality Alanta Cutlery Khukris I'd like to offer you...

-Just 'kiddin y'all,'ya know.
So what'd ya order? Tis the usual thing to do, tell us all what you got, whether horn or wood handle, etc. For all we know you might have gotten a baby ganga ram ( yes, as a matter of fact that's an 18" khuk and it is a baby on this forum ).

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