comparison question


Aug 13, 2005
tom brown tracker or timber pig? The timber pig is cheaper which is good. Would the timber pig be a 1-10 in comparison to the tracker. Are there any other tracker designs that poeple know of?
Oct 30, 2005
Some call these knives "WSK"

There was a new maker who recently caused a bit of a stir.

Search for WSK in the forum.


Jan 31, 2006
There is the Predator by Red Scorpion Six He sells some on ebay and direct on website.
There is also Hedgehog Leatherworks with the RAZR a modifed version of Tops Screaming eagle.
Both look real nice.
I have ordered the Predator $250.
It has closer resemblance to a custom version vs. Tops Tracker.
check it out or

I see you on here looking for a WSK but for a cheap one Why? You get what you pay for.
There is a guy on eBay selling a used TOPS tracker used for $100 try for that one.
Good luck with your search.
Jul 13, 2005
This is towards bart:

I don't mean to bash your decisions but why would you spend 250$ on that predator knife? First of all its made from 440C which i don't really think is that great of a steel for an outdoors knife like that.

This is a quote from the site.
"The Predator is one of the most durable and functional Wilderness Survival Knife on the market."

This sounds like they're trying to make their knife out to be the greastest knife out there when they have not even been produced yet.

"The knife is 13" of pure PREDATOR intimidation."

This one is screaming dark ops.

"We named it the "PREDATOR" because although a useful tool, this knife is designed to enable the user to take down prey"

The knife doesn't even have a guard to protect the hand from slipping when you stab the prey. Plus with that wide of a blade and with the saw teeth i seem to be able to picture it getting caught on stuff very easily.

"We are very excited and pleased to offer only the finest in tactical blades. Where Tactical Begins! RS6 Blades."

They only offer one "tactical" knife?

I am very skeptical of this company.
Oct 30, 2005
Actually, I'd like to see what an owner of a RedScorpion has to say.

I've gone through the website, and its full of hype. SO! It's not like a good number of makers aren't full of hype, is it.

Even that master of hype Mr. Thompson still manages to have good products under the Cold Steel name.