Comrade Chang's Newest Prototypes!

May 13, 1999
All righty, here goes - a review of two knives produced by the crafty, inscrutable Asian known as Chang.


Both knives feature Chang's exclusive wood fiber matrix composition in an integral, one piece format, and include a custom fitted sheath made of a similar material laminated with a nylon fiber wrap. The sheath is lightweight, conforms perfectly to the knife's form, and allows the knife to be drawn almost silently.

First, a beefy, man-sized knife produced by Mad Chang Knives: The Asian Janitorial Assault Knife.


The AJAK has a belt-looped sheath that hits just right on the hip. I put this knife through it's paces, cutting down a number of trees, shaving ceramic, and shredding car doors. All this with NO SHARPENING EVER! The incredible, paper-thin edge of the AJAK held it's original thickness and bevel through all testing. Drawn across a finger, it still produces a "paper" cut. This knife is my first choice for heavy duty work in the woods or kitchen. In water, the knife obtains an incredible malleability, enabling it to conform to nearly any shape. When dried, it then retains the new shape - forging on the fly!

A more urbane choice is the Chang Ops Street Scalpel.


This is a smaller knife, with an IWB slip sheath. I carried it with me for days, and with it's feather-weight, I didn't even know it was there. The knife was incredibly comfortable, seeming to fold and conform to my body's every position. The Street Scalpel comes with a paracord wrapped handle. This was a welcome change from the AJAK, as the heavy work I put it through caused my hand to blister on it's relatively rough handle.

I was kind of bummed, as the AJAK had eaten every tree within miles of my home, and I was all out of testing materials. Fortunately, I was accosted by a gang of thugs while carrying the Street Scalpel, and had an opportunity to test it in a defensive format. The SS worked out great in both forward and reverse grips, dispatching several baddies in quick fashion. They doubled over, holding their guts and sides while making loud cackling noises that belied their distress. The final bad guy was threatening from a distance (well, I think he was threatening, he was across the street reading a newspaper), so I took advantage of the SS's flexible construction to form it into an aerodynamic form factor, and flung it at the guy. The knife sailed like a "paper airplane", razoring through the newspaper he was hiding behind, and embedding itself directly in his forehead. He made like he was just annoyed, but you could tell by the way that he ruffled his newspaper that the SS had inflicted EXTREME PAIN on him!

In summary, Chang's use of this new space age material is nothing short of amazing. The knives are well made, and the sheaths are superb. Run, don't walk, to the Amazing Chang for your shot at the next slices of inspirational genius to make it out of his lab/workshop!

(Ya happy now, ya plick bastid?)

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I'd like to see a Comrade Chang serial numbered colector set that includes all his folders and one piece range.

I bet Cliff could verify these babies don't rust too!

Dealing with Chang is a distinct pleasure. (and I really mean that)

Can not wait to get my hands on his first auto.

" I am continually reminded of the rewards of dealing with custom knife makers and the custom knife community." Jeff J.
Normally I try to stay friendly, but this "Comrade Chang" guy is ripping off ideas from Tim Herman. Let's give credit where credit's due!

(See the "article" on Herman's original "Changbenza" in the General forum)

This has the potential to rival the never-die Talonite thread. Please, everyone, stay calm! Brian, great review. As a proud owner of a Mad Chang AJAK I can state that they are the best value EVER for the price.
What a review!
What a knife !
What a laugh !

great and and great.

Storyville, I came up with the Changbenza concept a long time ago. I actually started making cardboard knives when I was 12, because I couldn't afford real ones. Of course, they were hacked out of an old cardboard box from a public library trash can, but they were still nice. By accusing me of ripping off Timmy's ideas, you're going to open yourself up to many flames from my very loyal customers, who have seen Changmade quality first hand.

Brian, you are too kind.
This review is good. It shows that a Changbenza or other Chang affiliated knife is the best there is to offer in terms of value. Actually, the truth is that this is a fundraiser project for me to save up money to buy another knife, since I have no job and I'm too young at the moment to get one.

Note: [Added 4-23-2001] Chang is still a bum, and is still pawning off cardboard blades for 3 bucks a piece.

Chang the Asian Janitorial Apparatus

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BTW, Gus and Brandon (Elvislives), I owe you guys some MicroChang Changbat Talon II's in OTF automatic mode. It's taking a while because of other backorders, but I haven't forgotten. Don't worry.
ooh ooh ooh! where can i get one ?

cuz everybody should have a blade
Why is Storyville keep saying Herman invented cardboard knife?? I'd like his reasoning. Hey Chang, wher's the Changbenza, i talked to a couple customers and they r quite interested in the idea. What's the next knife u working on? How about a CIFU?? Chang Inhanced Folding Utility knife
, or Chavilian??
Daniel, I'm working on it.
I'm out of cardboard for a bit, going to go get some more probably today.

Anyone who is interested in a Changbenza knife, the charge will be six dollars. E-mail me, I'm making more folding versions soon and more paracord wrapped street scalpels (CHOPS).

AJAK 2/4

Chang's cutomer service and responsiveness to "suggestions" are phenomenal.

CBS nightly news has announced that the custom knives of our own Comrade Chang will be used for the next version of the Survivor show. They will be used to process the kangaroo, wallaby, platus, and koala bears the contestants are not allowed to kill and eat. Also noting the vast amount of back stabbing and in fighting the corporate executives decided Mr. Chang's knives would be the safest tools for the contestants. Mr. Chang could not be reached for comment, but his press secretary released a statement outlining the release of the Survivor Model knives for sale to the general public.
Yes, perfect for Survivor II indeed! Thank you comrade Chang for the good humor. Please add a throwing knife to your line up, and keep up the good work!

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