Concealable bladed protection...please advise

Jan 11, 1999
I need some help from my loyal fellwo forumites!!
I am in the market for a defensive knife. The type of thing to carry into "harms way", not nescessarily everyday, just those evenings out that make yo ualittle nerveous.
I have considered things such as: Boyer Blades' Multi-carry Mini Tanto and the Bud Neely Specialist. And alos things such as the BM Auto Stryker and other autos.

My other concern is for the time that you do have to "pull" the blade and people see it, I don't want them to thinks I am some sort of "nutcase." Not everyone in this world is as unersanding as you all about blades. ;-)

I am looking at spending ~$150.00 or less and am no afraid of ordering of the net (where else can you find such blades easily?.) I would be very interested in your opionions and input on this discussion.

My preferences:
fixed or auto
if sheath, Kydex (neck or multi carry)
attractive looking and not "scary" to the general public
scary looking to the idiot it's being used against
Something legal in Tennessee to carry concealed.

Thanks ya'll

Too many variables so far, dude. What are TN laws like, #1, and is it possible for you to get a gun CCW permit and will that help knife carry?

Are you trained? In what system?

Jim March