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Concealex and BladeTech


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Feb 12, 1999
does anyone have experience dealing with blade-tech? i ordered over a week ago sheath supplies, concealex, screws, molding foams etc... but i never get any reply that my order is ok or anything.
is there another source out there that carries that stuff?
Don't worry, they usually reply when they have everything ready to ship.

By the way, does anyone know if Kydex and Concealex are the same, and if not, what is the difference?
thank you costas, how long do the usually need to proceed the order?

concealex is not the same as kydex, one different are the patterns like woodland camo that are molded in. if its better then kydex in strongness etc i don't know, thats why i try it.
In my case, they took 7-8 days (I ordered a holster for a handgun that they didn't have in stock). I think they say in their web site that they need up to two weeks to manufacture the holster.

Anyone else on Kydex vs. Concealex??
hope to get any reply, i ordered no sheath, simply concealex sheets...

i expect that they contact me, even when they have the material not in stock...
I haven't dealt with Blade-Tech personally, but it took a long time to have a couple questions answered via email. If you use the phone you generally get a lot better luck with that company, whose products are pretty nice in my opinion.
Concealex is a 100% virgin polymer which has similar properties to Kydex, but the chemical structure is different. Here's what I've found from my extensive use with Kydex and somewhat more limited use of Concealex:
1) Concealex feels less "platic" on the outside. The camo patterns almost feel like cardboard on the surface, to me. The texture is a little more muted on Concealex, which also means that slightl overhating (makes the surface shiny) is more obvious. The inner surface is more slick on Concealex than on Kydex.
2) Concealex curls up and really warps a lot when heating while Kydex stays pretty much flat. Concealex also seems to shift more in heating and cooling while Kydex does this to a lesser degree.
3) Kydex molds better. Maybe I have been using the wrong setup for Concealex, but Kydex molds really well at 200-225 degrees to get nice crisp definition, but Concealex sort of takes a general form and doesn't seem to want to hug the knife quite as much as Kydex does.
Perhaps someone from Blade-Tech will spot this and give me some pointers on what I am doing wrong, but despite the pattern limitation of Kydex, I prefer it over Concealex as a material for sheaths.
Oh...one other thing...my belt clips are a good way to judge the stiffness of a material because of the way they are folded, and the Kydex ones are significantly stiffer than the Concealex ones of similar proportions (and same thickness).

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thanks for the info, what did you use to form the concealex? a foam? did you use the same heat as for the kydex?
and the phone would be better but i live in austria/europe and a call to the us is pretty expensive... maybe someone i know in the states will do the call for me
I don't have experience with making either Kydex or Concealex sheaths but I do own some of both. IMO, regarding Concealex not hugging the knife as closely, I suspect that this may be a function of how it's fitted rather than the material itself. FWIW, I couldn't ask for a closer fit on mine.



I have had great luck with getting material and service from Blade-Tec. Sometimes a new pattern is out of stock and wont be available for awhile, but generally they have what I nees. In my opinion, Concealex molds easier and I can get a closer fit than Kydex. I think Concealex is a bit stiffer also. I have been making a lot of sheaths of Concealex lately, and have been using several layers of closed cell foam from sleeping pads glued to boards for the molds. Works great.

I've heated concealex to 300 degrees for 3.5 minutes and found that it moulds better than kydex.
I'm with Rob. I've been working with Concealex for almost a year, and it is definitely superior to Kydex. Stiffer for a given thickness for sure. Provides a better "lock". Finishes better and comes in several, colors, textures and patterns. I've switched to Concealex for all my work unless someone specifically wants Kydex. It just makes a better finished product and customer feedback supports this. The people at Blade-Tech are top notch and I definitely can recommend them wholeheartily.

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Maybe it's a factor of just needing to work with it a bit more, but my vote is still on good 'ol Kydex. In a month maybe I'll change my mind. We'll see!

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