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Concealex for CRK received!

Oct 12, 1998
This week I received a concealex sheath for my CRK Shadow IV From ProEdge. It was made by On Scene Tactical. Fit and finish of the sheath is great. I also appreciate the retention on this piece, it will come out when you want it. The design is maybe slightly different form other sheath designs, in that you can't push the sheath off with your thumb. you can use your index finger to 'help'the knife out. This does provide for a more secure grip on the knife if you pul it out, and protects you a little longer from the edge. Technically, you can just pull the knife out with great ease, but I am just used to push the knife out as well in a draw. You can see a picture of the sheath on the ProEdge web site, http://www.cgocable.net/~proedge/sheaths.htm . Overall, I am very happy with the sheath, it really turns this knife into a serious concealable tactical knife. Murray from ProEdge was extremely pleasant to deal with, he held the sheath back for me to get the means to pay for the sheath (I needed to apply for a check etc..). Kudos to On Scene tactical for a fine product!
Mr. Blonde

Thank you Very much for the review of the CRK Concealex.

After some Brainstorming by myself and Murray @Proedge,, we came up with an Excellent system for the Projects, Shadows and Aviator.

They were a Beautiful knife to work with and enjoyed their company Very Much.

I hope you enjoy the sheath, and wear it in good health. Good to know some of my work has made it to Holland.

If you Ever have any problems or questions with the sheath, Please feel free to write me at any time...



Eric E. Noeldechen
On/Scene Tactical
Custom made, High Quality
Concealex Sheaths and Tool Holsters
Canada's Only Custom Concealex Shop!

Thank you Eric. Since, there are no custom kydex/conealex sheath makers in Holland I know of, I am very happy with this service you and proedge are providing. I made some friends of mine quite envious with my sheath, that's always a pleasure. By the way, I am saving up for a Shadow III, so I might want a concealex sheath for that too.