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Apr 24, 1999
This is my first time on here, so nobody flame me for asking something that's already been brought up. I've recently ordered a REKAT Hobbit Fang and Utility Neck knife, and was wondering if anyone else here's got one. I haven't gotten it yet, and would like to hear some impressions on it. Also, anyone know of any other good concealment knife makers besides Bud Nealy?
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There was a thread not too long ago about neck knives.
I believe the Rekats were mentioned several times.
Hope this helps
In 1998, I received a concealment knife from Al Polskowski. I selected the Bodyguard model. Blade length is 3 7/8 inches. It is made of ATS34. It has a full tang and G10 scales. The knife comes with three kydex sheaths: IWB, small of back, and a neck sheath with stainless steel ball chain. The knife cost $220. It arrive quite sharp and I have been well satisfied thus far. Mr. Polkowski has numerous designs which could be considered "concealment" knives. I liked the Bodyguard because it struck me as a simple, elegant design.

Willie Boy
Willie Boy,

Can I get ahold of Polskowski through the net? I've never heard of him before, but this Bodyguard knife sounds interesting. Does he have a web page, and how long did it take him to get you the knife? Thanks a lot.

I "flaming" is very rare here. Heated discussion, perhaps...

You should check with either, or These sites get Polkowski's works every so often. In fact, I saw the "body guard" just recently on one of these. You can check other "concealment knives" as well. If you decide to order with them, you can rest assure of pretty quick delivery if they have on hand. And, these are reputable dealers.

Have fun browsing. I do.

Thrawn- do a search for neck knives here on the forum and you'll find out bunches about concealment blades.

Hey, do you guys know where I can get an ATS-34 version of the REKAT Fang? I was reading some older postings on neck knives and couldn't find one on Pioneer Valley's site. Please help! I'm addicted to knives!
Ed Chaver was a disciple of Bud Nealy, but has his own distinctive spin on things.

Unless something new has developed, Al Polkowski can not be reached over the net. Best to contact him directly, and be prepared to wait for a year or two for your knives to arrive.
That long a wait for a knife? No matter, I've found a few more interesting sites. Anyone here bought a knife from Black Cloud? I saw their Philippine Box Cutter and concluded that I had to have it. Unfortunately, it didn't have a price listed and so I wrote for it. Anyone have one of these, and how long does it take to get a knife from them?

I wrote to Black Cloud a while back about a price on the Philippine Box Cutter and never recieved an answer. I finally gave up after several weeks. If you ever get an answer from them, please let me know.

Good hunting!

Dave, you didn't get a reply, huh? That's unfortunate, seeing as how you were equally mesmerized by the design. I'll definitely let you know if I get an answer, but I won't be surprised if I don't. By the way, does anyone here know who a good, but relatively unknown or not very busy custom maker would be? I have a knife design I want to try out, and am just too damn impatient to wait a year or two. I got a message from Jens Anso a few days ago and would like to know if anyone's got one of his knives. Thanks for your info, everyone.
I own 2 Hobbit Fangs, an ATS34 and a GREEN teflon coated 1095 model. I love them both. My brother will probably choose one of them for himself in the near future.

Another brand I highly recommend is Newt Livesay's Wicked Knife Company. I own a Woo and a couple of his other knives. All of them made from parkerized 1095 tool steel. For the money, they can't be beat. There is a writeup on Newt and his knives in the new issue of Combat Knives or something like that. (I just happened to see it at K-Mart yesterday.)

I don't have alot of trouble sharpening knives, nor do I live in a highly humid or corrosive environment, so either steel works well for me. Get one of each and pick your favorite. The "reject" will make a nice backup or gift for someone.
Hey, here's another question for you guys: Is there a double-edged neck knife out there that has a handle longer than 3 1/2 inches? I'm asking b/c I thought the Cold Steel Para Edge was a good knife--until I bought it. The handle was too small! I'm looking for a double-edge spear point similar to the Para Edge, but w/ a more managable handle size, and a blade at about 3 to 3 1/2 inches. Too bad CRKT doesn't make their STIFF KISS in a double-edge version...
The Gigand Guardian series includes a double-edged model, 4" blade, 8 1/2" oal. ABC has full specs & pictures at .

I have their tanto model and feel it's a real value for $24. Do a search using Gigand for other members' comments.


You can reach Ernesy Mayer of Black Cloud KNives at (602) 820-9695 or (602) 705-9875. His email address is He is a pretty nice fellow and a great knife maker.
Hey, thanks again for all the info, you guys. Once again, I have an inquiry about knives. This time, it's about Newt Livesay's G-45. Does it come w/ a belt clip, like the Woo? Again, I'm at a loss for words--all of his knives look great, and besides that, are affordable, and yet, no double-edge models! Anyway, if anyone out there's got one, could you fill me in on my question? Also, anyone know how to do a cord wrap like the one on Duane Dwyer's Strider knives (shown in Tactical knives, March)? Thanks again, folks.

I recently purchased a "handyman" model neck knife from R.J. Martin. In my opinion it is the finest neck knife out their for utility purposes. It is the sharpest custom knife I have ever owned and has a superb drop point blade with a slight recurve. The knife with sheath only weighs approx. 3 oz. The blade steel is D2 with a satin finish and it has bolted G-10 scales. Fantastic knife; check his website!
I second that check on RJ Martin, just picked up my spanking new Kozuka #4 from him, visited him while I was in CT on business actually, had a good visit and got to see his shop. The #4 is a good size for the neck carry, on my way home on the Mass Pike I stupidly locked my keys in the car when I filled up the car with gas, a state trooper was at the site so I walked up to him hoping he would help out, and I had forgot about the neck knife, I remembered it as I leaned down to talk to the trooper, and I was worried that the rare earth magnets in the sheaths would snap my shirt out and stick to his car, so I stood up and away, but he never noticed, the shirt didn't show the knife anyway.

It's A2 and razor sharp, right hand chisel edge, like it alot!
Thanks RJ, say hi to Sugar for me


forgot, here is RJ's web page
<A href="">RJ Martin</A>

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Howdy and a hearty welcome to Thrawn. I don't flame nobody, in fact when I say the word IO though it to be a flagrant emample of a differing human behavior! Bad Parker, be nice to the new guy!

The 4th, look at my Uji comments on this same review board, I feel quite satisfied with not only my Uji, but also my NRG, which is Newt's take on the non-metallic neck knife. I love both of the designs and feel they are both very well made and are exceptional values. If it helps, I will be procurring myself a Woo, SOP and G-45 in the near future...I take my knives seriously and these are not toys.

Regarding a dual edge neck piece, from a legality point of view I do not care for double edges period. From a self defense point of view, I was always taught to keep the edge and point away from myself, hard to keep one away during highly adrenal moments, much less two.

I did not purchase the Hobbit Fang when I had the chance, handle was too small, I did not think paracord at the time (DUMB) so I passed. I am sure I will at some point buy the green version, as I have a thing for the green teflon knives and guns (Keltec or I believe Star). I also like non-mnag pieces and even though their application is limited, they are worth the twenty bucks just to have on hand, either as party favors or more.

Try the Uji as a concealment piece for a couple weeks, you will be pleased.

I don't like double edges any more but I used to. I sharpened the back (or part of it) on several knives -- it's not that hard. Just do a single bevel, not too acute; you don't want to grind away too much metal and weaken the knife -- I mean a single bevel on both sides, a puukko edge. You can do it with a file on most knives. If the steel is too hard to cut with a file use a coarse sharpening stone or coarse emery cloth (or a wheel if available, of course; just be careful not to overheat it).

If a knife already has a false edge it's easy to sharpen it. Even if it doesn't ... well, it'll take you a while with a file, but if you don't mind taking some time at it you'll have a unique knife when you're done.

There are a lot of knives with false edges on the market. The main reason is it's illegal to sell a double-edged knife in some areas, and illegal to carry one in more -- so they grind a false edge and they can sell it anywhere and the buyer can sharpen it or not as he pleases.

-Cougar Allen :{)