Condor Knives

Feb 16, 1999
Anybody out there have Condors? This company (I believe) was started by the guy (Hoffman?) who either designed or owned Lakota or both. You can see the Lakota influence in their early folders. I've accumulated quite a few over the years and really like them. They made a seven inch camp knife with a reverse curve edge that is awesome. I have it in Zytel handle and also gray micarta with a nice gray leather sheath. The zytel handled one travels with me makes a great kitchen knife when I end up somewhere that has supermarket kitchen knives in the drawer. Anyway, I like mine and was wondering if anyone else has them and what they think.

who dares, wins

Yep, had two, small folder called Teal, real neat and well made and a larger one more like the Lakota, with a grayish colour handle, both went away when the need for money arose, miss them both, get to see them occasionally when they need sharpening, so I guess i have visiting rights, sorta....