Confidence in the Green Beret

Jul 25, 2006
Hi all, I was planning to buy 7inch Green Beret in late Jan/early Feb, but then I read this review.... :eek:
"In general the Green Beret had low cutting and chopping ability, poor edge retention, ease of sharpening, grip ergonmics and overall durability. The only two standouts of high performance are grip security and point versatility. The steel was especially disappointing it could not even outperform a Buck 119 in 420HC."

"A thick blade with a narrow profile and shallow sabre hollow grind has a very low cutting ability combined with poor edge durability. All it does well is pry and this steel has low ductility and impact toughness. The handle also has a host of problems; the tang should be flush with the Micarta slabs, the pins should be flush, the guard should be rounded, and the apex of the finger grooves should be more rounded. On the sheath, the stitching should be reinforce, at least duel runs, with periodic cross stitching to prevent unraveling; changed to a more durable liner, adjust the liner so it isn't covered by the nylon.":eek:

Is this really true??? Can someone clarify this??? :(
Just take a look at who wrote the review in question, none other than Cliffy, so is there any surprise? Steven
I handled one for a passaround. I can't comment on blade utility or testing as I didn't try anything.

I will concur though that for me the tang standing proud of the grip is uncomfortable.
I said it before and I will say it again..I would trust the word of a soldier that uses the knife for it's intended use over the word of Cliff Stamp. I will stick to my opinion that he is a backyard, knife breaking hack. He tests knives to a point where any knife will fail. The GB is a great knife that will serve you well. I find the handle to be very comfortable and actually prevents the knife from twisting in my grip.
I've had good success using my 7" GB. I don't use mine for prying or chopping, so I won't comment on those uses; but it certainly cuts well. I've not noticed any issues with edge retention, chipping, etc.

I thought, too, that the "proud" tang was part of the intended design to help improve stability of the knife in a human grip. It helps prevent the knife from twisting or turning in the hand during its employment.
I've come to if that site and its reviewers may be paid off for some testing as certain blades are sometimes ranked higher that they may actually be. My own usage is not congruent with theirs. Some of their testing they do overkill on (destroys blades), and some parts they completely neglect (corrosion resistance). I wouldn't let Cliff influence your decision...if it wasn't well made, Reeve wouldn't put his name on it.
You also have to look at the fact that for what it's intended for, the knife is excellent. It can be carried in any enviornment and not corrode, it holds an excellent edge, is easy to maintain, and is great for cutting rope (serrations) and killing people ;) let's face it, it's a combat knife.

If you want a good user that is easy to sharpen and practical, look at the CRK 1 piece line. If you intend for your knife to be an outdoors knife, the A2 that is used in the 1 piece line is much better than S30V due to it's impact resistance (chopping and such) and ease of sharpening (it's much softer than S30V). You just have to maintain it to make sure rust doesn't develop. If you want a knife to give to a soldier or just to use strictly for cutting, get the Warrior or Green Beret. The handle is much more comfortable than it's given credit for.
It all depends on what the application is. I wouldn't be dissuaded. That's like discrediting a Fairbairn style dagger because it wouldn’t chop or pry as well as well as something else in a large generic pool of blade sizes and patterns. I don't think you'll see some machete or big chopper slipping through a ribcage like a Fairbairn-Sykes.

Wow, how morbid.
I carried one in Iraq 2003-2004 and It is a great knife. I love it.
Which Green Beret did you carry? I'm trying to decide between the 5.5 and 7 inch models. The 5.5 inch feels good in the hand. Never handled the larger knife.
Which Green Beret did you carry? I'm trying to decide between the 5.5 and 7 inch models. The 5.5 inch feels good in the hand. Never handled the larger knife.

A 5.5 would feel exactly the same as a 7 because the handle dimensions did not change, only the blade length.
The GB is a great knive. I own one and don't hesitate to take it out into Colorado's back country. It does not get much more rugged than this and I made it back to type this response.:D

More than my GB, my Mountain II is my most used CRK. Just about the perfect size, incredible edge and I don't feel that this would ever fail on me.
I have the 5.5 and the 7. I love them and don't feel that the tang not being flush with the handle is uncomfortable. As far as quality of steel - it has held up under every use I've ever had for it.