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Confused on Manix sizes

Jul 17, 2006
Hello, I'm looking at the Manix and it's getting confusing shopping around, I've seen ads for the C95 and different sellers have the knife measurements at 7.75" opened with a 4" handle but Spyderco's site has them at 8 13/16" opened and a 5 1/16" handle, a lot of ebay sellers have the C101G (Mini) listed in the title but the description gives the measurements of the big Manix and and the measurements for the Mini are not the same as the website as well, it seems to be pretty common in a lot of ads on the internet from supposedly legitimate dealers. Have specs changed from last year or so? Just trying to avoid to send one back. Also, are all of the Manix knives made in Colorado? Thanks
Hey thanks, that was a quick reply, but curses! They're out of stock! Thanks again.
thats cool . this way though you easily know the difference , and have a very easy way of getting one . by the way i just started EDCing a combo edge mini manix
Measured just now with my 6" Starrett steel rule...

C95 Manix:
  • Closed: 5 1/16"
  • Blade: 3 13/16"
  • Overall: 8 7/8"
  • Cutting Edge: 3 3/8"
  • Handle Thickness 7/16" (not counting clip or protruding screw heads)

C101 Manix 83mm:
  • Closed: 4 9/16"
  • Blade: 3 1/4"
  • Overall: 7 13/16"
  • Cutting Edge: 2 13/16"
  • Handle Thickness 7/16" (not counting clip or protruding screw heads)
Thank you all, yep I'm learning, hey Deacon, do you like Spyderco knives? Holy smoke! Awesome site!