Congrats to Mel Sorg (Madpoet)


Same here. Nice to see you profiled. KI profile of your neck knife give away piece was nice too. That clear picture of your beautiful work actually got me interested in your stuff.

Chiro, The Madpoet contest is still going. I just got fighter/utility set. Beautiful work. Will have to get it out for use. I have to convince Mel to work with me on a Madpoet tactical folder next.


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My knives with the RL and integral locks serve as my true tacticals. A lockback, well.... In a tight pinch and being the only blade on me...(which is rare.) But I do want to tweak around with handle designs. Having gone through a lot of trial and error (more the latter), there are certain shapes and sizes that feel more comfortable for my grip. The smaller knife of the set I just got from mel fits like a glove! I would like to work with him on that. Alas, he is busy and still doing some tweaking of his own...