May 25, 2002
First post in this forum.

I joined this group ( Battle Blade w/ Walker) just in time to see his demise as moderator. As I did not have a dog in the fight, had little history here, I chose to review past threads and see what the ruckus was all about. The fans and the flamers have defended and crucified Mr. Walker(whom I do not know), hero or villian?
Walker is straight to the point, opinionated and like a lot of real "Sneaky Pete" types I know, has the confidence, first hand, hard won experiance to not really give a damn what anybody thought. Good for him.
The down side is that several folks here were allowed take him out of the game depriving the rest of the folks(judging from the response, a majority!) his active participation and comments. From what I could read, he fell victim to persons that felt they were experts, entitled to that status, and as many self proclaimed experts will, screamed like mashed cats that they were not being given thier just due. Unfortunatly in the cyber world folks tend to take their own beliefs and bullshit seriously. In any group there is always people that feel the need to take pot shots or due to thier own lack of confidence chisle away at the following or standing of somebody that does more than just wears the "been there, done that" tee shirt. Hell anybody can buy the shirt.
As to the whinning that Walker was criticizing LE, I don`t think so, the simple truth is that many LE can`t hit their ass with both hands with a firearm. This is not critical, just the truth. If you doubt that, just check the shots fired/hit ratios.

Congratulations to the flamers, you took a good forum and trashed it. Any bets on why there is not any good new posts.

Well enough is enough, perhaps I`m incorrect on my read of the events, but its mine.
Dec 3, 2001
There are many possible reasons why there areno new posts. All of them basically boil down to the fact that nobody is posting. Maybe they are tired of the bullspit here. Maybe they found someplace better. Maybe they don't feel like wasting their time if the forum might be locked any time now. I don't know. All three are valid. My money goes on a combo of all threee and probably more reasons.

I have opinions about other things in your message but I am not going to open up a thread that is going to turn into a bunch of BS. If you want to talk about it with me feel free to shoot me an email or IM.:)
Dec 27, 2000
Mr. Walker took himself out of the game when he deleted a thread which had become just slightly heated. He claimed that he had no emotional investment in the issue and offered some weak excuses, but actions speak louder than words.

My offer of e-mailing that thread to anyone who wants it is still good. It's all scanned and stored in JPEG format. So far only one person has taken me up on it.

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Nov 1, 2000
I don't check this forum often, but it is sad to see another positive forum go to the wayside as CSSD and Caracci's did.


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Jan 14, 2001
Greg took himself out of the game...and Greg 'was' this forum.

I have the utmost respect for Greg, his service to our fine country, his contributions to modern knife usage, and his informational written works.

I too was happy when he opened this forum, as I was sad when he left...hell, he's one of my personal hero's.

The threads weren't 'that' heated, and I expected more flexibility from an 'old pro'...but oh well, it was his choice.

A shame, our loss...but who could have forseen that he'd 'walk' over something as petty as being asked to clarify his position.

BOL Greg, we miss ya bud


p.s. 45ACP, if you have anything positive to add, we'd love to hear it.
Mar 9, 2001
I'm pretty much agreeable with the previous sentiments given above.

I would welcome Greg back, but it apparently was his choice to leave. I appreciated his work here, but also felt he didn't handle the mess too well. If he isn't exactly gung ho on gun rights for ordinary citizens like me, then fine, but in this area he has to know he's gonna take some heat for his position. I think the only statement I made which could have been remotely called "heat" was when I stated the belief that "official folks" somehow had more right to go armed than RESPONSIBLE AMERICAN CITIZENS was sick. And I stand by that.

As for some of his parting words, I also felt he was not fair to Blues and Leo Daher.

I hope he learns something from this.

May 25, 2002

Thanks, I agree that its a shame that this Forum will go the way of many good things, but it shall, thats life, we will all move on. I do stand corrected by you folks, Walker did take himself out of the game, my mistake.
I also think that in the future we should all realize that the moderator is expressing his or her opinion and thoughts. These may come from training or experience, and that although we may not agree, or the tacics, thoughts or opinions expressed may not fit or work for us, it unimportant. The purpose of sharing experience is just that. Many things I read, I disagree with, but is not my job or our job here to convice folks one way or the experts(whomever) way is best. Take what you can use, and put it to work for you.
I also feel the same way about the moderator comments, positive or negitive to my opinions. We have all been to different schools. Most of us, judging from the experiences shared here, are from the School of Hard Knocks.
And just so there is no doubt, I firmly believe in the right to keep and bear arms, period.
If all else we need to remember that the moderator is not all knowing (The Wizard of OZ).

I look forward to seeing posts from all here in other forums.


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May 16, 2002
Don't know the past of this forum, but the future is much more interesting to me, being undetermined and all.

I noted it was a dead-looking place a month or 2 back, but I'm reading some cool posts now.

I cannot pass judgement on those involved in whatever wen on, but a war of words leaves few fatalities, so it couldn't have been that bad.

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