Jun 15, 2001
Is anyone else noticing a connection between knifes and cars...
I've heard a lot of people on this forum talk about their cars with great reverance... :)
so I was wondering (for informational purposes)
what kind of vehicle does everyone drive... ?
I'll Start...

I drive a 92 Camaro RS
and I love it
I'm 21 and my permit is expired. Yeah!:D Too much money for me to spend when I can use mass transit for free.
In about a month Ill be learning how to drive my dads 21 year old Mercedes Bens Station Wagon. Not the best 1st car, but hey its a Bens. :D :D :D
Why I drive the only car for knife collectors to drive: An Olds Cutlass Supreme!

Oh, you could drive a Mercury Saber, I suppose, but you'd have to keep it really, really cold or the mercury would run all over the place and there's nothing quite as useless as liquid saber. Besides, a cutlass is better than a saber. And, don't forget, we'er not talking about any old cutlass; this is a supreme cutlass!

I suppose that a knife collector could maybe drive a Pierce Arrow. An arrow head is a form of knife. But a Cutlass Supreme would still be supreme.
And now old N. Dog is gonna post a bunch of pictures of his car, and, yes, his girl friend too. I tell you: he takes more pictures of that car than I take of my balisongs (well, maybe that's an exaggeration). (And I am jealous of the pictures... not the car, mind you... but the pictures since some of them are pretty good and I know it's very hard to light cars properly.)

Hey, Mr. NXS055, how much did he pay you to start this thread?

Yeah, well, ok. But, just remember:

First: My lady friend likes me despite my car. She drives a brand new Volvo S80 which is also paid for since she's a highly-paid vice president... and that's a good thing to find in a lady.


Second: My Cutlass may not exactly be in mint condition anymore (one might say this cutlass has got a few nicks on the edge) but it's got one very important feature: it's paid for!
Uh, right... :rolleyes:

'95 Thunderbird LX, 4.6L V-8, Forest Green, Alpine CD w/ 6-disc changer. There's also enough dust to recreate the lunar landing in 1969. :)
I have to agree with Gollnick
Payed off is a great plus...
I only owe 190 more on mine... WOO HOO

and ChungSan... YOU DA MAN.... Camaros RULE!!!

(edited for spelling)
Chuck - my last car was an Olds Cutlass Supreme. Bought it for $150 and a flashlight. Lasted me 60,000 miles and when it died, it died HARD.

My favorite car(s) are my babies... Frank, Phil and Carl. In order... '85 Isuzu Impulse, '85 Isuzu Impulse and a '89 Isuzu Impulse Turbo. I will simply say that Dollar per Pound, these are the greatest cars... NAY! The greatest pieces of modern machinery ever to be seen by mankind!! EVER!!! :D I am foolishly grounded in this belief, so don't even bother trying to convince me otherwise. :p
2000 Honda Civic Si

Weapon R Coilovers
AEM Cold Air Intake
DC 4-2-1 Ceramic Coated Headers

Yes I admit it, I love my car.
I drive a '69 Buick Electra convertible.. It's yellow, with a 434 c.i. 360 hp 8 cylindar engine and power windows/seats, air and everything... and i added in a cd player and a good sound system...-
Lets see:

2001 Buick
1998 Escort
1996 Crown Vic

All paid for... (grin..... used to be in the car business
86 Buick Regal Grand National
T-60 turbo
42.5 lb injectors
3 inch stainles down pipe
B16-206, 206 cam
4 speed automatic, 9 inch Art Carr 4000 rpm stall converter

It is a wonderful car for making a public nuience of on self, when the road is dry. However it can be quite dangerous when the road is just barely damp.

This is my first reply so please bare with me if I screw this message up.
87 300ZX Sweet Sweet car. Have you all noticed that most of the cars made since the mid 90's do not have any lines? Kinda like their made of clay.
'86 VW Jetta Turbo Diesel. The 1.1 L, 68 hp, four-door marvel is classified by insurance carriers as a "sports car" because of the "turbo" label. :rolleyes:

Anxiously awaiting restoration: '67 Corvair Monza - exactly the same model & year as one my dad had when he was my age.
well my daily mule for the rust belt is an 86 Celebrity that I bought at an estate sale for $500 with 59k miles and still had the dealer paper floormats in it. Im hot rodding a 55 chevy 210 delray as we speak. 16x8" Ansen slotted Aluminum rims, 2 tone paint (teal green and offwhite) a 327ci (5.4L) chevy V8 (now bumped to about 390hp from the stock 365hp) uhm GM 10bolt rear axle with posi-trac and 3.73 gears.
Ive also got a blaupunkt deck and Infinity Kappa speakers (from my 91 daytona 2.5L turbo that ran 13 sec quarter miles.
PS I fell in love with turbo cars because I got to ride in a GN. Theres a guy here who has a stock turbo on his and runs 11sec quarter miles with it.
Ive also got a myriad of offroad vehicles and I have a passion for sailboating
Now, If I can get a cosworth vega, Id be all sorts of warm and fuzzy (slthough the cosworth Focus is intrigueing me)


Oh...any of you guys remember Rickman motorcycles? I just found a 74 125cc rickman metisse with a Zundapp motor
I just started on a 1967 Chevrolet El Camino.
I'm planning on using an LS1 engine, Porsche brakes, 18 inch wheels etc.
But right now it's just a rusty scrapheap :)
Just an 89' nissan 240sx,but the body and engine are still in really good condition.
Funny thing is there's a guy who lives a couple of doors down from me and he has the same car as me,but his is all tricked out,so I get to see what my car would look like if I customized it.

Gibberish: That thing has gotta be a gas guzzler,you must be hatin' it with the gas prices being so high lately.
I got pissed off at all the people that took the fun out of driving by by pestering me about getting my license, so I never got it. I'm now 17 1/2