consigning knives in gun store


Oct 21, 1998
i have a unique opportunity to consign knives in a local gun store. the owner sells mainly off brand autos, some smith wesson autos and a few paragons and daltons. he is willing to let me have an entire glass shelf in a four foot case. he really likes my 'high end' stuff and customs and this would really benefit both of us. he gets a great knife display and i get a chance to sell knives 6 days a week instead of once a month (usually less) at a gun show. here is the question, how much should he get for each knife sold? a percentage or flat fee? any ideas? also what are the pitfalls of selling this way. you know, he loses my knives, carries them daily, how do i protect myself?...thanks dmc

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I would be very careful. In fact I would not do it unless it was a very good friend, and that could end a friendship. You could end up with a lot of showcase samples. If he can really move the knives he'll just buy his own and if he can't what's your gain. What ever the case I would think he would want to split the profit 50/50. What does he pay you if one comes up missing? Unless you plan on moving a bunch of knives or you have some high dollar careful. Have a plan if something goes wrong. Say, some comes in and grabs a bag full...chances are they are going to take your higher dollar ones.

But, on the other hand things might go great. You could make some money and you don't have to spend your time standing around. I've always liked to buy better
then sell, get to buy and he gets to sell, sounds like a good deal. Good luck

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I've had my knives consigned with Beck's Cutlery Specialties. Really nice folks. If I remember right, they charge a 20% consignment fee that's deducted from the selling price. Here's their contact info just in case:


You have an excellent opportunity there.
A fair deal is anywhere from 20 to 30 percent going to the store.Make sure you get a prefect understanding of the terms and conditions of the sale.
Will you be able to take back knives that aren't selling without paying anything to the store? What time of time commitment is involverd with leaving them there? It can work out very well for both you and the store but be siure to spell out every detail before jumping in.
I'd also advise you to be careful, but it can work. When my dad had his sporting goods store, we used to take a lot of guns on consignment. It worked really well for all involved, but on the other hand we're talking about guns, not knives. Plus, no one person ever consigned more than 8-10 guns at once.
My father would never have carried someone else's consignment personally. Of course, he's out of business now partly because he was a little too nice for business, so be careful.
If you're really worried about theft, ask the guy. He won't mind telling you if he knows you're reputable. Basically, at least in IL, your insurance company can compel you to turn your shop into a fortress if you sell guns.
Beck's has moved. Here is their new phone #(919) 202-8121. They are in Selma, NC right off of Interstate 95.