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Sep 16, 2008
Consolidated to new ad.
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Thanks for the offer, but trying to keep these in the USA for the moment. Possibly later if no one steps up domestically.

Might be moot tho, having second thoughts on selling the 1-7.

Boss1,thanks for the reply, consider them sold of you want to ship north of the border.I assure you, there will be no problem, and shipping is a small amount more, which I will pick up.Just say when,and we will proceed.Thanks.
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Boss1 would you be interested in a Black unused SOD towards the T2 set? Obviously we would discuss the cash difference on my part.
Let me know

Thanks for the solid offer, but I'm going to pass for now.

Weekly bump.

Also, if anyone has a like-new 7.5" Grayman Megapounder they'd be interested in trading, give me a shout.

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OK folks, trying to help a fellow member out that's seems to have fallen on hard times.

Basically, I'm trying to make a purchase from him, but can't until I get these sold.

So, contingent on being able to purchase his blade, I am going to include these two Bucks in with the total package price of $600. That's SIX!! nice blades, all for $600 shipped/an insured.

It may be a case where you have to split up payment (part to me, part to the other fellow), details to be sorted out.

If interested, give me a shout.

This is a very specific case, so don't expect this price to be extended without reason.

Jeez, tough crowd...

Alright, I thought it was a good deal, but gonna sweeten the pot a bit and make it a screaming deal.

I'll toss in a NIB Kershaw Vertigo.

That's 7, yes, 7! awful nice blades for $600 shipped and insured.

Photo attached I took today for those that need seeing to be believin'.

For those doing the math, that's under $86 a piece. Don't know of too many places where you can find Micarta handled T2's, Effingham Blackjacks, nice stag handled lockbacks, or Buck Intrepids for that price.

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Price reduced to $595 shipped & insured for all seven.

I know there's gotta be somebody out there that sees the value here. If you're interested and payday's tomorrow, give me a shout.

Reduction to $575 shipped:eek:.

That's about $150+ less than the sum total of what I would accept for them priced individually.

If they don't sell at this price, I expect to probably put 'em back in storage.

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If somebody is interested in paying $425 for some of the set of seven, I'd be willing chat. Pick some out and give me a shout.


Thankfully, fellow member was able to resolve his issue locally.

Sale is over. Back up to $675 shipped/insured for all seven knives. You snoozed, you losed.

However, may now consider breaking up the items for individual sale. If interested, make me an offer (Please no more 'gamers.' If you're not willing to make a reasonable offer, no need to contace me. Thx.)

Will probably moves these to the trade section as well.