Contact Info for Jose De Braga, Canadian Maker.

Nov 11, 2004
I'm trying to find Jose, but his website is down and his e-mail address is returned unusable. I paid for a knife and seek delivery - any info would be very appreciated!
Unrelated: Mr. Grayson, is your name attributed to the song 'Tom Dooley' by any chance, or is this really your name?

Curious... :)


I would LOVE to see a photo of any current Jose DeBraga knives! :eek:
Mr Grayson said:
I just found out that 418 948 0105 does work for him! Thanks.

You know, I have no idea why I typed out the phone number that I did. The one you list here is the one that I have for him. My brain must not have been working quite right when I made my post. No smart-ass comments from the peanut gallery. :p
Coop - you are either as old as me, or you are a folk music savant!

The eternal triangle of "a beautiful woman, a Mr. Grayson, and a condemned man, Tom Dooley".

And, I hold of Jose and should have a new folder by Dec. I'll post up a pic when it comes.
AHA! I just have been listening to a Time/Life 5-CD compliation set from the Folk Years, and that's one of the favorites. It's been in my head for a few weeks. Cool name choice! :D

My very favorite is '100 Miles' by the Journeymen... :)

See ya,