Convex grind sharpening questions

Aug 4, 2003
Well, I read the forums faqs and even the convex edge faq, and I have some questions. I have the Wet/Dry Sandpaper technique down, I sharpened my Anza skinner to the point that it is evil sharp. My question is to those of you if any, who have sharpened a larger/thicker knife. I am trying to use the same technique to sharpen my Busse Steel Heart E and I am finding that the edge just gets polished. It is ok but not like when it came in the mail. It is REALLY robust, though because I took a tree apart at my Dad's house and it didn't affect the edge at all. Maybe it's too thick? Thanks in advance for the replies.
Jul 9, 1999
Devilnut wrote:
I guess I had better buy more sandpaper.

That would be the ticket.

A belt grinder is what I use to put convex edges on my knives but, if you don't have one then more sandpaper is the way to go.
Man, that is a big job you've got ahead of you.
I don't envy you in that task, but, when your done you will have one seriously awesome cutter and you'll be very pleased with the results.
I can safely say that because I've yet to be disappointed in any knife I've converted to convex be it one I've made or a production piece.

Best of luck in your endeavour!

All the best,
Mike U.