Convince me I need a BM 940!

Jun 21, 2001
Ok... I am really leaning toward a BM 940 for my next knife. Those who have them tell me what you like about them.

Also... what color should I get? I don't think I want black (all my other BM's are black). I have seen the green in person and liked it. Haven't seen the blue or red in person. How does the green compare? Are the blue and red to collectable to really use?

Help me out... Thanks...JT
You need one because if you get a blue plain-edge model and don't like it, I'll trade my Carbon 770 for it!
For what it's worth, I love mine. It has been my every day carry since April. It's light yet durable, incredibly ergonomic,came very sharp and became even sharper after a little time on the sharpmaker-- a veritable pocket razor. I have the black version, but the green is nice as well. I will probably end up with a green one eventually. I could go on and on about this knife, but it is probably easier for you to just buy one so you can see what I am talking about:) Do it-- you won't be disappointed.
The 940 is a great knife, ergonomic, light, thin enough to be comfortable to carry, and a useful and distinctive blade shape. I'm not a big BM fan, but I carry this knife a lot. By the way, I like the green.
I'll join Shmackey in the shameless pitch dept.!:D

You need one because I have a nice green "user" for sale cheap in the exchange forum and you could get another color to collect!;)
You mean you don't have a 940 yet? What are you waiting on, get one! For all the reasons listed above. In fact, you may find yourself in my shoes. I have a green model, but find that it doesn't quite fit with all my different dress slacks. Sooo, a black model and possibly a blue model will soon be added. :D
I am not a Benchmade fan either, and never owned an Axis lock until I traded for the blue 940. I am happy to have the knife in my collection, and one of the things I like best about this knife is that the blade grind is very thin. IMHO, it cuts as well as the Spyderco Calypso/Calypso Jr. knives, both of which I have.

Although I like the Axis lock concept, and it is definitely more appealing than the liner lock concept in terms of safety. It is not as fun though if you have an obession for the "flick-click-close" of the liner lock.

My real problem is that I have the hard to get blue, and I don't want to use it. Someday, I will have to get the green so that it can get abused.
The 940 is a "must have". It's slim, thin and has an adequate blade size (3.4 in) for most purposes. It's light and discrete for EDC. Add in a very smooth Axis lock and you've got to get one. :cool:
i had mine for a few weeks now, and im really enjoying it. the clip keeps it secure to my pants and ive been carrying it with me for most the time ive had it.

it stays sharp, and is very comfortable to hold in any normal position.

the action is very smooth, the hard coat on the handles has stayed on very well

only thing is i dropped it on concrete and the handle colour got scratched minor thing though,

and the axis lock is secure, and very fun to click open

but i did notice a little side to side blade play when its closed, if i drop it on its side, i can hear the blade hit the aluminium scales.

anybody have suggestions on how to fix it ?

but otherwise, its a great knife. 'very smart looking' as a friend put it

The 940 is a nice slim carry knife that packs far more blade than it appears. They seem to strike a great balance between a "gentleman's" knife and a true work knife. When someone speaks of a hard working knife, exactly what attributes does this knife have over a 940? The 940 has a very robust tip, solid lock and a pretty stout construction overall. About all it really lacks is a wider blade and some weight and then you would have what some would consider a really "solid" work knife. Fact is, the weak point on any folder is generally the pivot area and here is the one area I find fault with the 940. Because of the design of the Axis-lock, it was necessary to keep the diameter of the washers a little on the small side. In turn, hard use can indeed provoke some side to side blade play. The larger bronze washers in either a Sebenza or LCC are much better in this regard.

As far as color goes, my favorite is the green. I had a blue and traded it away as I just found the green more to my liking. While the 940 comes standard with black screws and clip, the first thing I did after receving a 940 was to polish the screws and the clip. IMO it looks much better and also doesn't show wear as much (particularly the clip).

Of all the Benchmades I have owned, this one is near the top of the list. As far as a go anywhere, do anything type of knife, the 940 is hard to beat.
I am very impresssed with the 940, it is a solid knife and is great looking, the axis lock is nice too. I have a green, 3 blue, a red, and also one of the black 942's. I think it is one of the nicest and most functional knives BM has come out with.