convince me to get one please...

Oct 21, 2012
Hello all I am currently looking at getting a zero tolerance 0561and have the money saved up to get it but one of my friends was talking about how I can do a lot with that money so basically what I am asking is will I have buyers remorse? Also what are things that are recomend to purchase with it?
Thank you in advance for all your help
I don't think you'll have any buyers remorse.

-3D Machinded Titanium lockside
-KVT Bearings
-Rick Hinderer design
-Deep-Carry clip
-ELMAX Blade
I don't think you'll have any remorse either. There are a couple that have come up on the exchange for really good prices. I like mine & carry it often. In any case if its not for you, you can always sell it on the exchange & get something you like better.
hey thank you guys for the rapid feedback on my post, i believe i will be ordering one tonight as i want to make sure that i have it in time for college which starts for me on the 24 this will be my going away to school present for my self
The important question is, what else would you do w/the money? If it would save a life, then save a life. If you'd spend it on something else that you want, but not as much as the knife, get the knife. If you could get something you want more than the knife, get what you want more.

No one can tell you if you'll have remorse about spending that $$ on a knife. I'm more into bicycles than knives, and I've got a sprocket that cost $100. Some people don't pay that for an entire bike! Do I wish the $$$ would have gone towards something else? NOPE!

Good luck in your decision, I believe your mind is already made up!
Its a great knife. If a knife is what you really want I doubt you will be disappointed.
hey just ordered the knife from blade hq i will post pictures when i get the knife next week, also i decided i want this knife and will not be let down because i have been lusting after it for almost a year now
Good choice I just got one and it is awesome smoothest knife I Have owned right up there with my pm2 and crkt ripple.
056x models are my favorite zt knives. Took me a while to get one too as it was the first knife I ever bough in that price range. Of course I have carried that knife more than any other in my collection. As far as what to get with it, rival on here makes some pretty awesome scales, or possibly get a custom lock bar stabilizer. The knives are near perfect stock so nothing is really needed. Maybe a sharpener to keep it cutting nice.
It took me awhile to warm up to mine, and for it to warm up to me. I now think it's a better knife than the Hinderer XM although I don't own one of the latter so can't say that definitively. It should properly be compared to the XM-24 rather than the 18 though. The standoffs and pocket clip aren't as good as the XM, but everything else is at least as good or better. And it sells for about a third of the "direct price" (available mostly to military, police, and fire & rescue).