Coote grinder for sale Look!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 14, 2000
I have a coote grinder it is only a year old
and in mint condition it has an 8 inch contact wheel platen a rest and a place to do your flat grinding.I am including with it
my pulleys for different speeds and a woven leather belt .I want 400 for it plus Shipping I will send it UPS so I know it get there.
NO GUYS I am not quiting I have two grinders
so I am letting this one go at a good price
so a starter can get into it with out braking the bank.
Hey Nathan you've got email, I'm very interested, this is a 2"x72" grinder right?
Is there a motor included?

Guy Thomas
nathan, don't be so quick to get rid of a backup grinder. the unheard of happened to me! the baldor motor on my hardcore whent out. the people at baldor said it would be replaced and john mallot of tru-grit drove out and got the machine. it looks like it will be about a month of the machine being down. but i still have my coote 2x72" or i would be out of bizz.

Laurence Segal
Why would you be out of the biz? Don't you have any files and abrasive papers?


In fact i know one of the european top knifemakers very well and the only machine he owns is a drill press.

Hi again Nathan,
If ya still have the Coote let me know, I aqm very, very interested !....VERY ! :)