Oct 14, 1998
Congratulations on the birth of your daughter, Keely Ann Fisher. Hope mom and daughter are both doing well.
Congratulations Copfish!
Enjoy, enjoy, you lucky stiff. My daughter is leaving for college in about 3 weeks and I can't talk my wife into having another. She said if I can have it myself, go ahead!

"May you live in interesting times"

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Congrats, Fish.

Now I know why you've been making all those trips up to Spyderco etc.

What thoughtful gifts for your new daughter!

Best to you and the family,


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You have done well COPFISH!!!!!
Congratulations DAD

and your "starmate" did pretty good as well...
Congratulations, Your journey is just beginning. My youngest daughter is a freshman in high school this fall. It hasn't all been fun, but it has all been interesting. I wouldn't trade a minute of it for anything.

I hope Mom and daughter are doing well. Get them home as soon as you can, and forget about getting a full night's sleep for about the next 18 years.

Thanks for the advice guys! It was truely an emotional moment for me. Such small perfection. Both Mom and Daughter (Katie and Keely) are doing great! I am off for a few weeks, staying home (State has great bennies) and checking in with my computer. Bringing both home tomorrow morning, so getting the nursery ready. Charlie at SFO is engraving me a pink Delica (mandatory knife content) for Keely.

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Congratulations CopFish, nothing in life can compare with the joy of having children. Knives don't suck though.


Congratulations Copfish!! All the very best to the ladies in the family too! Stand by for the changes. They will all be for the better in the long run. One of my fondest memories is carrying my tiny daughter from the delivery room to the nursery at the hospital. One of those moments that never fades. Enjoy your fatherhood!
Very Sincerely, Chris
Congrats Copfish!

Hope she's a knife nut like her pa!


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Congrats Copfish to the newest little knifer in the your family, and the family of Bladeforums.
Also congrats to Mom on a job well done.

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Congrats copfish.
Not rushing anything,but one of these years you and your dear wife will have "Library Kids." Those are the kind you can check out and spoil rotten and then check them back in with Mom and Dad,

Great fun!!
Enjoy your journey.There is nothing else in the universe like having kids.(And little girls are so special too!)'course there ain't nuthin wrong with boys either.


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It's funny, but I imagine the doctor handing copfish some scissors to cut the cord and him saying, "No thanks, I brought my own knife."


Is that thing shar...OW!