Cord wrapped epoxy soaked handles?

Could anyone tell me which is the best cord and which epoxy do you use and how do you apply it.



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Bobby, some use silk, some paracord. even leather. which is my favorite. the best glue is the super penatrating super glue that you get at a plastics suppy house. is this for a hawk?

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Hey Bobbie...

The following is a web page I put up last year in responce to questions about cordwrapping...

Running Dog Cordwrapping

This is but one way to do it,(actually two) and not the only way...

We use a penetrating epoxy, often called a "builders" epoxy because it is thin and brushes on nicely with a flux brush, also from the hardware store...

The polypropylene cord we use comes from American Cord and

This will make for a hardcord cordwrap that will last a long time and is replaceable...

Running Dog

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Thanks guys , I'm starting to get some good ideas. Keep em coming. I'm looking forward to hearing more. I will probably do a few hawks when I get time.

I like that running dog method but I've been thinking of vaccuum bagging to get the epoxy even and well dispersed. A regular vaccuum cleaner and a strong polyethylene bag has worked well for me on some other projects. The low vicosity epoxy is difficult to find where I live but a vaccuum application will force regular epoxy very deep.
Wow, talk about an old thread...

Anyway, you can get super thin superglue at hobby/model builders shops.
Good luck.
Seems to be alot of reincarnating of REALLY old threads lately. They most likely don't realize how old they are.
does epoxy soaking a paracord wrapped handle help keep the paracord cleaner? i have been thinking it should, but wondered if anybody had any firsthand experience