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Oct 6, 2000
I am looking for a nice, tanto shaped fixed blade knife with a oriental cord wrapped handle. Blade between 3 -4". Any suggestions on where to look?? Thanks.

Well, its not a tanto but it is wrapped with ray skin. It is a custom from Chris Christman. His webpage is:

There is one on ebay right now:

Dennis Bible
Thanks Richard!!
Due to the re-arrangement and ongoing set up of my shop, I will probably not be able to take orders for American Ninjas for at least the first half of the year
I will be expanding my Hayabusa line. These are similar to my Tanto Neck Knives that have been pictured here on the forums only LARGER!! I will offer them in Blade lengths from 5-12" in A2. They are double ground and will have my usual integral bottom guard with an optional top guard/thumb rest. My epoxy cord wrap over the anodized Ti. will be available along with basic handle materials and a variety blade finishes. Photos of the first ones will be ready soon and I will post something about them.
Concelex sheaths and complete carry systems will also be available.

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jayharley....You kinda like those too, huh?

As per Richard's suggestion, Dr. Lathe's (Neil Blackwood) cord wrapped neck tantos are really fine, and the price is right. I own one myself. The anodized titanium under the wrap is pretty eye-catching. His larger models should be pretty cool too.

Dennis, thanks for posting Chris's site. My first time there, and I do like the looks of his knives also. The dark cord wrap over turquoise looks sharp. I'm going to look into one of those.

I like that Kwaiken, Win! But then, why wouldn't I?

jayharley....Also check out the small cord wraps by RJ Martin. There's some on the Les Robertson site ALex mentioned.

A maker by the name of Steve Corkum makes some pretty nice ones too, albeit thick. His blades are forged and have beautiful temper lines.


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Thanks for everyone's suggestions. I am looking at a couple of Japanese designs by Mike Snody. They seem really well made and priced right. Anyone have any experiences with these??
Thanks for everyones suggestions. I am currently looking at some of the styles from Mike Snody. Anyone have any experiences with his product? Looks very nice and seems price right.


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Now that you mentioned tantos...
I can make most anything you want when it comes to wrapped handles and chisel ground blades.
I have included a scan of my latest creation, but at 15" overall it´s a bit larger than what you are looking for... anyway, you can have an idea of my work.



Give me more details and I can send you a quote. My turnaround time is still real quick, though as orders keep coming this should cange soon.

P.S.: Of the makers sugested above, Neil Blackwood´s work is excellent and he is a nice guy to talk to. I don´t know Mike Snoody but his designs are very interesting. I also suggest that you take a look at bill Siegle´s work - you can see some of his knives at the For Sale/Makers forum.

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I'll be surprised if you don't find just what you need (plus deluxe service) at

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jayharley, if I can help you with any information regarding my knives please let me know. I appreciate your interest.

Mike Snody
Mike Snody makes an excellent quality knife in the traditional Japanese style. His blade work and ray skin/ cord wrapped handles are great. The Snody Karma Kubikiri has a 4" blade and is 8" overall if you're looking for a nice small size knife. Someone has a kubikiri for sell out here at a great price. You can see a picture at under custom knives.
We will probably here a lot out of Mike Snody in the future. Now is a good time to get one of his knives. He also seems like a great guy to deal with.
I have to admit that Mike Snody's knives appeal to me very much. They look great and from all reports work great as well. They are also a steal. I don't know how he does it for the price he charges.

For a great value and a great knife check out
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