Cordage- Deer Sinew

Nov 5, 2009
Good stuff! :thumbup:
If using for bows or such, it might be good to waterproof it. California tribes such as the Modoc would make a sealant from Milkweed sap (Asclepias spp.) and Pine pitch. This combo, mixed with natural dyes, is a great waterproof paint!

BTW, good point about the splice length vs. strength.
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Jun 11, 2008
Thanks Guys, this was my first time trying to use sinew this way. I have made Flemish Braid Bow Strings out of it twice but as slow as I am at complex braid it took me over a week to do it both times. I was playing with the gut cord from the other thread and was trying to figure out what to do with the little scrap bits of loin sinew when I decided to wet it and twine it. I'm glad it worked and I still haven't broken that thick piece from the second vid. I looped it over my bow scale that goes to 65 lbs and it maxed it out. It's also worth mentioning that the thin one I broke while trying to lift the tool box was plenty strong to use as a game snare. I watched the video again and realized that it sounded like I was saying that the breaking would mean a lost meal. I weighted the tool box and it is 26 lbs. That's a heck of a lot bigger than most small game animals. I'm sure that it would more than suffice to catch the odd squirrel or bunny.

I made four of them and I'm sitting in front of the TV making a couple more. The snow has died down and should stop tomorrow morning. There are a lot of eastern cottontails in the neighborhood and I need a lighter colored one for fly tying materials (and meat of course). I have very good success taking small game with deadfall traps but I have not been successful with snares made of natural material. I've caught a couple rabbits and one possum with wire snares and quite a few squirrels with snares made from green picture wire but I really want to change my hunting and trapping kit to all natural materials.

P.S. I'm not referring to a survival kit, that's always gonna have the most reliable gear in it, modern or not.