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Correction: It ain't machera, it's bancharo.

Mar 5, 1999
I've often spoken of just how fractured my Nepali is and this is a good example. I somehow got the name for the Nepali hatchet or axe changed from bancharo to machera.

The correct name is bancharo. I was talking to Pala about the project this evening and said machera and he asked me what I was talking about. In old posts about it I had it close to right but think I spelled it banchera. Pala said what you really mean is bancharo. Then it all came back.

Anyway, now it's right -- again.

You can't imagine the problems mistakes like this caused me in Nepal!

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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Bro that's just the reason I don't go any further than saying "Osiyo" (hello) when I am around people that are fluent in Cherokee.

I "know" just enough to get me in deep trouble.
And when one of the Grandmothers or Elder Aunties gets a hold of your ear or hair you have some quick explaining to do, and as you know from your own Grandmother no one is ever too old or too big to bring down a notch or two.

And it doesn't matter whose kin you are either. You're lucky if you're not told on and get it again from your own Elder Auntie.
It's no wonder the Cherokee were/are Matriarchial. The men never stood a chance.LMRRAO!!!
Ya just gotta love 'em!!!!



Indin word for lousy hunter.
I speak fluent Spanish, and you wouldn't believe how a perfectly innocuous word or phrase in one Spanish-speaking country is a terrible insult or extreme vulgarity in another.

I've had to do some serious backpedaling on occasion.

(Reminds me of Sgt D's comment on the meaning of the word "kuk" in Swedish in another post).

What's the chances of seeing some pix of these nepali beasties? I have found that very often, the design used in a locality has
some advantage over other designs and that is one of the reasons they endure. The tools of prefrence in the black forest will be quite diffrent than those used in the high desert. For very good reasons... :)