"Correntina" by L.Dornelles, Brazil

Mar 9, 2001
This knife totally handmade by Luciano Dornelles, from south Brazil, is based on the design of the knife carried in the Province
of Corrientes, north of Argentina. In fact, this design is also used in the south of Brazil where it is known as “campeiras” or “gaucho knife”. Luciano named this knife after its origin, Corrientes.
It features a mirror polished 9 ½” flat ground blade of ATS-34. The handle is black buffalo horn. Pommel and guard are made of stainless steel. Overall it has 14 ½”. The escutcheon shows the word “Bufalo”, trademark of Luciano Dornelles.
Note the details of file work at the end of the edge and also on top of the blade.

Hope you like it.
That is a beautiful knife! I love the lines and the details like the filework and the ferrule. Very nice work.
That is a great looking knife! I have a couple questions about Gaucho knives, if you please.

First, what sort of sheath does the pictured knife come with? If none, is there a particular form/style for Gaucho knife sheaths?

Also, while I suppose there aren't as many Gauchos as there once were in Argentina, I'm assuming there are still some/many of them. If so, what are the typical sources of the knives they carry? Are Gaucho knives manufactured? If so are there some of good quality? Do many Gauchos use knives made by custom knife makers/smiths? What kind of prices -- translated into American dollars -- do the knives carried by Gauchos have? Could you tell us the price of the pictured knife to compare with those knives the typical gauchos carrry?

Sorry to ask so many questions, but I'm reading a novel set in Argentine during World War 2, and I have friends who were born and raised in Argentina as missionary children. So, I'm really interested in things Argentine.

Thank you,
I don't want to give you a superficial reply so I kindly ask you one more day to finish my research about typical gaucho knives price.