Could anyone supply mel's custom knife photo?

Apr 19, 1999
I am currently discussing a custom knife with mel from MADPOET and i've read many praising words from fellow members. i would REALLY appreciate it if anyone would supply some photos of his work maybe? Thanks.

I have MadPoet's pocket bowie. Very nice. Mine is similar to what is already displayed at his site, except with a slightly scaled down handle for my hand size.

He is currently working on a fighter/utility set for me, with a 6" inch knife and a smaller companion of 3.5". The blades are flat grind with slightly upcurve point. 5/32" thick for the large blade and 1/8" for the little blade. We have been talking about the handle shape and size configuration to suit my taste. This won't be done til mid July, sorry (I would LOVE to have it already for a photo to show). The set will come with a sheath to hold both knives and sheaths to carry the knives singularly.

Hope you like your Madpoet when you get it. Mel's been for very accommodating and communicative about what I want to see in my set. This set will my first truly custom as opposed to just handmade.


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Keninshiro, I have four Madpoet knives and am extremely happy with all of them. Three of them are kit knives based on custom drawings I sent and I did all the finish work, but one is an "official" Mel Sorg creation. Under the "current stock" section of his webpage there will be a picture of four drop point hunters. Mine is the second one down, I believe. It has goncolo alves wood handles (mislabeled on the website) that are a beauty to hold. They melt right into my hand. Smoothly finished and the pins are nicely done, too. Shape and finish are fantastic. The blade itself shows some of the original grind lines, which adds to the user mentality of the knife. In fact, do a search in the Reviews forum because I reviewed the knife after I received it about two months ago. Anyway, the kit knives were also very accurately done according to my drawings, and Mel did make some minor changes based on his experience, which was welcomed. One grip I have about the drop point hunter, and it is nitpicky, is that I am not used to a leather pouch sheath and when i pick it up the knfe sometimes fall out because I am used to my own Kydex, which holds the blade tightly. That said, Mel's sheath work is very nice and is a welcome distraction from the Kydex stuff. I highly recommend mel's knives, as each one is unique, and I can't think of a better person to do custom ordering with, either.

I am the happy owner of three (next month to be five) Madpoets. My most spectacular piece is seen at , the top two pictures. Mel's name of the 'Edge' seems appropriate, as it was made for an Edgeworth 
Another of my pieces is at , the Texas bowie (my only handmade, vs. custom made).
My third piece is a design similar to the Persian Fighter on the same page. My blade, however, is of D-2, about 5", and specifically designed as a kitchen paring knife. It is appropriately named the 'onion slayer', for the tactical usage for which it was designed. And although I've only had it for around 3 months, there's been many an onion laid low by this ferocious weapon (also several chickens, pork roasts, tomatos, potatos, etc.).
Unfortunately, one of the things I like best about the Madpoet knives isn't visible on any kind of picture, and that's the very comfortable and secure grips he makes. For smaller knives I don't really like guards, as it makes some uses of the knife very awkward (such as using it on a cutting board, as the guard keeps you from using much of the blade). I have also, unfortunately, had a couple of (fortunately minor) accidents where my hand slipped down a little too far when using a wet or slippery blade. I was therefore very pleased with the solid feel of the Madpoet kitchen knife even when it was pretty well coated with pork fat! Similarly, the 'Edge' handle (the big 18" weed-whacker) is quite different in design than the kitchen knife, but feels quite secure when chopping through 2 x 4s. Somehow, the handles just fit my hand well without being at all clunky.
I particularly like the design experience with Mel. In e-mail discussions, you (the customer) make odd and impractical requests in the design. Mel very gently takes your design goal and explains that there may be a better way to accomplish you purpose. I have several handmade knives, and they're very nice indeed. But there's just something about a real 'custom' knife, where you've put your own thoughts and desires into the product, that must be experienced to be appreciated.
Mel produced my first 'custom' knife, and I'm hooked. He's got some pretty good prices, and would be a good - and fairly inexpensive - way to dip your toes into the 'custom' rather than handmade, arena.

Dammit, Marvin! FIVE?! I'm reigning champ at four right now, kit blades or not, but soon I will have to relinquish the title belt, I see! Hmmm...I have been considering having some blades made up as gifts for my groomsmen in a year, though. Guess how many I'll need? Eight! Ha! Of course, I guess I don't own them once I give them away...anyway, I agree 100% about the grip of his knives. The 4" drop point hunter of mine is the most comfy feeling handle I've ever had on a knife, which is especially interesting fue to the somewhat narrow profile of the tang. mel is a great knifemaker when it comes to practical using knives. Just look at the rabid fanship developing here at BF! Maybe he'll be the next Maddog!

Thanks guys, for all the info. Really appreciate the effort!

Power to the blade and lightsaber.