Covert Fixed-Blade...

Dec 8, 1998
I want something for "up the sleeve carry"..
Anyone know of a good quality, non-metal fixed blade.
Ideally something made of carbon fiber. Anyway, definateley `plastic'... hopefully with a wicked serrated edge.
Anything like that out there?
I've made a few "vampire defense knives" from fancy hardwood, which I sold with a warning something like:

If you carry this as a stealth weapon, you're on your own, and you'll want the name of a good criminal defense attorney. If, after you get it past a metal detector in a high-security area, it comes to the attention of the authorities, from your using it in a murky case of self-defense, or for any other reason, you will be in deep doo doo in just about any jurisdiction, even in places otherwise friendly to self defense and the keeping and bearing of arms.

If you want non-metalic cutting ability, Kyocera makes ceramic paring knives, and flint and obsidian got us through the ice age, but not as a dirk or dagger. A bit brittle for jabbing or striking a mighty blow. Mad Dog makes heavier duty ceramic knives, but dirks or daggers in the bad old days before metal were usually made from bone.

Ask you friendly neighborhood martial artist about a sturdy fine-point ball-point pen. Carry it in a pocket. If I was on a jury, it wouldn't take much to convince me that even a ball point pen carried clandestinely up your sleeve was there for some sneaky and nefarious purpose.


Check out the Delta Dart on Cold Steels web site. I sometimes carry one up my sleeve held in place by my watch band.